2 More Danish Firms Get Recognition

Strict observance to ethics is an admirable trait. It is not only called for among working professionals and business oriented people but among organizations as well. With ethics, people and organizations are guided on how they should act in their workplace and in the community where they are situated.

Among companies, transparency in daily operations and good leadership are among the requirements in meeting ethical standards. This is what Ethisphere considers a major basis in ranking leading companies worldwide.

Ethisphere, an international think-tank, looks into the operations of more than 10,000 organizations in 35 industries located in the six continents around the world. Now to the good news. Ethisphere has just included two Danish companies – Novozymes and Novo Nordisk – in the top ranking of its list of the world’s most ethical companies. This is the second straight year that the two firms made it to Ethisphere’s top ranking list. The two Danish firms are among the 99 best companies that show genuine, sustainable and ethical leadership.

According to Ethisphere, companies need to prove that they take real action in solving their issues and are transparent to the public about what they do. Another criteria is that organizations should take an active part in the campaign to lower carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in their respective communities. Other factors taken into account are corporate responsibility, corporate governance, innovation beneficial to the public, internal systems and ethics and track record in legal, regulatory and reputation aspects.

Companies, meanwhile, that are in the habit of frequently publicizing their actions do not attract the attention of Ethisphere. This year, of the 99 companies that made it to the top ranking, 25 were newcomers while 44 companies are consistent in being included in the list for the past three years. Sadly, 20 companies from the 2008 list failed to maintain their position and were no longer included.

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