Blip Festival Goes to Denmark

If you think the Roskilde Festival and the Copenhagen Jazz Festival are the only music fests you can attend in Denmark, brace yourself for the newest one to come in the country this month of July and make sure to block your calendars for this special event.

New York City’s Blip Festival is finally going to Europe and Denmark is lucky to be the first host of this event. Blipfest, one of the biggest annual chipmusic events in the world, has been held in New York for three straight years. This year, organizers The Thank and 8bitpeoples are bringing the festival to Aalborg City in Denmark land.

Blip Festival: Europe will happen on July 24 and 25 at the popular Danish art and technology venue Platform4. This is your chance to get to know Denmark music as well as the music of Europe and America. Listen to Denmark music acts such as La Belle Indifference, Motorsaw and Bu Bu Kitty Fuckers. European musicians to be featured include Bodenstandig 2000, Rabato and U.S. acts such as Glomag, Minusbaby and Nullsleep.

While night music concerts are the major activities, there will also be a daytime film showing of the documentary Blip Festival: Reformat the Planet, presentations as well as a workshop that will teach participants the ways to create visuals. Music performances and information dissemination are the event’s main thrusts.

According to Manhattan arts organization The Tank and NYC artist collective 8bitspeople, the festival is meant to showcase music artists and push the classic video hardware in creating visuals. The classic hardware being referred to in this activity is the popular Nintendo entertainment system featuring electronic gadgets such as the Game Boy, Atari ST and the Commodore 64. Going forward, Blip Festival is seen to become one exciting electronic music movement worldwide. 

See your favorite old school video game platforms into something you did not think possible – live on July 24-25 in Aalborg.

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