Co2penhagen, World’s First Carbon Neutral Festival

Being a leader in renewable energy technologies, Denmark is a role model for other countries. Life in Denmark means people and companies operating in the country are made aware of their roles in preserving the environment. It is no wonder then why Denmark has been chosen as the site for the international convention on climate change this December.

Co2penhagen 2009

But before that important event at year end, there’s one new and unique festival that’s about to happen in Copenhagen, Denmark. It’s a green event called CO2PENHAGEN 2009 which you shouldn’t miss. This particular activity to take place at the Copenhagen Technical University this September. CO2PENHAGEN 2009 is the first music and arts festival that focuses on renewable energy and highlights the green products of businesses.

The CO2PENHAGEN Festival aims to raise awareness on the need to lower carbon emissions to prevent climate change. Behind this event are young people such as Energy Crossroads, a group of PhD students from the Technical University of Denmark and students from the design and architecture colleges of Denmark. They are out to prove that technology and creativity can mix together to promote CO2 neutrality.

The festival is expected to be fun and exciting. There will be competitions such as one that will require participants to produce the most power for the DJ on stage by using stationary exercise bicycles as dynamos. Tour de France riders will be there as guests.

Expect to see other great inventions such as unique energy efficient solutions that will help provide power for the musicians on stage, for the blenders in the bar and the heat for an outdoor spa nearby. There will also be a gassifier that makes use of biodegradable wastes to produce power for the rock bands.

Some 3,000 people are expected to attend this pioneering event and if you care about the environment, you should be there as well.

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