Copenhagen Plans New Park

As it is, the city of Copenhagen is already known worldwide as a top tourist destination. Many are aware of its famous landmark — the statue of “The Little Mermaid” situated at the city harbor at Langelinie. While the capital of Denmark has already several amazing tourist attractions in place, another one is in the works right now.

The park being planned by the city council will feature a parking lot baseball, ultra violet carpets and skiing the whole year through not just during the winter months. The location is in the Norrebro district of Copenhagen known for being a melting pot of different ethnic groups and nationalities. A long strip of unused land is being eyed as the place to put up the multifunctional park that will have art and sports facilities for everybody.

Known as the Superkilen project, the park estimated to cost 50 million kroner will be shouldered by the city council as well as the Realdania Foundation. Its expected date of completion is by September 2011. This major park project will see a collaboration of works of Danish artists, architects and engineers and German landscapers.

To give you additional hints on this unique park, reports have it that it will feature three different areas. There will be a Red Zone that will have everything red from the cycle paths and seating areas to even the plants and flowers. This will be located near the existing Norrebro sports hall.

The current parking lot will be surrounded by a baseball net to make way for a sports ground during night time. The net alone will be imported from Los Angeles, U.S.A. while the park staples will come from 57 different countries such as Indonesian swing seats, Morrocan fountains and Brazilian telephone boxes.

There will also be a black carpeted area called the Black Zone where the ground will be laid with black asphalt and white UV sensitive strips to simulate a carpet. Other features include a sunken sports field and a 16 meter high ski hill that will be equipped with a snow machine.

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