Danish Architects Behind Google Wave

As the information superhighway called the internet continues to draw an increasing number of users, more services are also being offered online. One of the most popular companies that has long been associated with the internet is Google. But while many people think about Google as only a search engine that helps users look for the information they want, this brand has a lot more to offer.

The latest service created by Google is known as the Google Wave. And guess what? Two Danish architects are behind his newest offering – Lars Rasmussen and his brother, Jens Rasmussen. The new service is set to revolutionize online communication.

Google Wave is still at its development stage and the company is now in search of external developers from many parts of the world to test the communication service. What were lacking in the previous version such as parallel text editing and conversation playback will now be made possible with the Wave service. In addition, it uses an open protocol which means web users have the capability of building their own wave system.

Lars Rasmussen explained that the Wave combines conversation and document allowing people to use formatted text, images and map at the same time and in real time. As this is still being test, there’s no specific date as to when the service will be available to the public. The target is later this year.

Unaware to many of you, Google’s high-speed internet browser called Chrome was also actually developed by the Danes. The Chrome’s central development took place in Aarhus, Denmark.

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