Danish Investors Commit to Responsible Forestry

It’s great to know that the Green Movement has widely influenced many countries around the world and their people. A lot of organizations and people are now aware of their responsibilities towards preserving the environment. These small efforts may not be enough but when put together, they could mean so much to Mother Earth.

Denmark is doing its green efforts as well. In fact, its businessmen are not just concerned solely about making money but they’re also taking part in the green movement.

Some Danish investors just bought 92,000 acres of Adirondack forest land in the northeastern New York region from Nature Conservancy, a land preservation group. The forest land bought by a Danish pension fund is part of some 161,000 acres purchased by the group just recently from a paper firm. The ATP pension fund company from Denmark bought the land at a price of $32.8 million.

The Danish firm stressed its commitment to responsible forestry and will continue to use the forest land for various recreational activities such as hunting, hiking, fishing, canoeing, motor boating, bird watching, kayaking and snowmobiling among others. The Adirondacks consist mostly of mountain ranges in the northern region of New York. They also have streams, lakes and brooks as well as nature parks. The Adirondack Park spans 6.1 million acres of land with 2.3 million of it considered as forest preserve. About 260 bird species also exist in the area with more than 170 of them breeding in the Adirondacks.

A new study by the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) found that forests worldwide are facing challenges resulting from climate change and the global financial crisis. One problem foreseen is the lack of investment in forestry and in forestry management. The report published on March 30, 2009 was just in time for the yearly commemoration of the UN World Forest Week.

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