Danish Researcher Awarded for IT Breakthrough

I’m not surprised at all that the innovativeness of the Danes in the field of information technology (IT) keeps  reaping success. The good news just keeps coming.

This time it’s Dr. Jacob Gorm Hansen, the young Danish researcher who earned the top prize of 2,000 Euro for his advanced work on migrating operating systems in virtual machines. Specifically, Hansen earned the award for his doctoral thesis entitled “Virtual Machine Mobility with Self-Migration.” Microsoft Research donated the cash prize.

For his breakthrough project in virtualization, 34-year-old Hansen received the 2009 ACM Eurosys Roger Needham award. This prestigious award is given only to original and innovative research and this year marks the first time the award was granted to a Dane. Each year, the Eurosys Roger Needham award gives recognition to an exceptional European doctoral thesis that can contribute to the systems area.

I know the topic may sound too technical but in order to understand more about self-migration, it’s actually a process that allows an operating system (OS) to migrate independently without any support from one virtual machine or server to another. With self-migration, an operating system can be migrated in a span of one-tenth of a second.

The judges involved in selecting the top awardee found the thesis results very interesting, quantified and rich in ideas. They were one in saying that Hansen’s work also highlighted the essence of virtualization as an ideal area for research.

Hansen started to develop the idea way back in 2002. He was then working on it with the collaboration of fellow student Asger Jensen.

Dr. Jacob Hansen completed his Ph.D from the University of Copenhagen in 2008. He has been active in the IT industry and in fact, was the one who developed the “Hitman” computer game series. The PC game series, as some of you may be aware of, was a huge success.

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