Danish Shipping Firms Plan Merger

A giant shipping company in Denmark is currently being planned. No specific date, however, has been given as to when the agreement will be finalized. If pushed through, the merger will result in the creation of a major ro-ro shipping firm in Northern Europe.

Ro-ro refers to roll on/roll off ships that carry wheeled cargo on short destinations. Wheeled cargo pertains to cars, trucks and trailers that are driven on and off the ship through the use of ramps. This is what makes it different from the lo-lo or lift on/lift off ships that normally use cranes to load cargo on the vessels.

The major players reported in this planned merger include A.P. Moller-Maersk, DFDS, Clipper and other international shipping organizations. More than a year ago, it was announced that the Netherland Norfolkline of A.P. Moller-Maersk was up for sale. DFDS later expressed its interest to buy the shipping line before the Denmark stock exchange. Other international shipping companies including Clipper were also approached to find out if they would like to take part in a major merger.

Denmark boasts of wonderful and huge ports, around nine of them including that of Copenhagen. In fact, it is also a frequent port of call for cruise ships. The presence of ports only means one thing – more business for that particular city or town as goods and people are provided easy access. This eventually leads to improved economy for that area in particular and for the entire country in general.

Ports in Denmark are located at the gateway that spans the Atlantic up to the Baltic region. They play a vital role in the flow of international trade. Most ports feature infrastructures that have been well developed to meet the demands of business partners. They also have well trained staff and modern operation systems.

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