Denmark Looks Forward to Robotics Festival

One of the Denmark facts that many of us already know is that the Danes are very innovative people. They have invented so many remarkable and useful tools especially in the field of science and technology. But apart from the inventions, the Danish people are also known worldwide in their breakthrough researches.

But perhaps, there’s still something that you still have to know notably when it comes to events that cater to scientific gadgets and inventions. This is about a Denmark event called the RoboDays Festival.

Denmark facts state that the city of Odense in Denmark plays host every year to this robotics festival. This activity takes place in September of each year and gathers people who are passionate about the latest gadgets and gizmos. From September 10 to 12, Odense holds various events featuring robotics. The RoboDays Festival is now on its third year and since it started, it has now drawn more than 20,000 visitors on a yearly basis.

Participants to this Odense Denmark festival have the rare opportunity to be educated on the latest technological innovations and join a competition just like the renowned TV program Robot Wars. During this event, visitors get to see different types of robots including those that can even express emotions. In the past, featured were the “huggable bear” that was created to feel alive when hugged and the “keepon” that was interacting with people and showing emotions and compassion.

What makes this festival unique, according to Denmark facts, is that it showcases not just ordinary robots but those that can play and interact with people. This month, a summer camp will already take place and robot exhibitions will also be held in city spaces. In August, a three-week workshop will happen with a competition on creating a new man-machine interaction. A Green Robots conference and a showing of the play “The Anatomy of the Robot” will also be featured.

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