Fact – In Denmark, there are more mobile phones than people

According to a study, there are 5.47 million cell phones, or 100.8 per 100 inhabitants, against only 61.7 subscribers to fixed-lines.

The streets of Copenhagen or Aalborg must be noisy. According to official statistics from the National Telecommunications Agency, Denmark has in fact more mobile telephony subscribers than inhabitants!

The privatised Danish state telecommunications operator, TDC, is the first on the mobile telephony market with a share of 31.1%. It is followed by the Swedish Telia (21.0%), the Norwegian Sonofon (19.3%), Telmore (the low-cost subsidiary of TDC with 10.1%), the German Debitel (5.4%) and CBB Mobil (owned by Sonofon), 4.2%*.

Telephony market data as of beginning of 2006.

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