Famous Export Produce from Denmark

Not many people are aware of Denmark’s unique produce. To some, including the beer lovers, Denmark is known for its Carlsberg beer and the sweet dainty Danish pastry.

But this Nordic country has other produce that are well known all over the world. Bacon and butter are just some of them. 

Denmark started to export bacon to England way back in 1847. Danish bacon is the brand and the product is made by farmers and their cooperatives in this Nordic country. 

Denmark is home to large pig farms. Most are members of cooperatives which provide  about 95 percent of the pigs slaughtered. Each year, some 25 million pigs are slaughtered and up to this day, pig production continues to thrive in the country with 75 percent going to export. 

By the 19th century, Denmark was exporting bacon by up to 90% to the United Kingdom. It replaced the U.S. then as the main supplier of the product. By the 1980s, Danish Bacon still held more than 25 percent of the U.K. market.   

Food and agriculture are Denmark’s largest industry and the country is among the world’s largest pig exporters. 

A research done by the Leeds University for the Danish Bacon and Meat Council found that texture, crispiness and taste are among the most important features of a perfect bacon butty. 

As for butter, the Lurpak brand of Denmark is among the best in the world. Known for its silver packaging, you can buy this in more than 100 countries. Manufacturing of this product started in 1901 through the efforts of the Danish dairy farmers.

Lurpak Danish butter is made exclusively in Denmark. Owned by the Danish Dairy Board, this product is made from the purest cow’s milk in this Nordic country. It is available in both salted and unsalted varieties.  


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