The iPad Fever is On

Everybody is talking about the iPad these days. So many people are giving this new gadget their thumbs up owing to several factors. In Denmark, it’s the same thing.

In fact, a Dane by the name of Hans-Henrik Duessel from Svendborg, Denmark was among the first to buy this new iPad from the Apple retail store in Hamburg, Germany last May 28 when the device was released there. The Danish techie even brought along his old Apple Macintosh Classic computer from 1990 when he went to the Apple store.

So what really makes this Apple iPad a hit worldwide? For one thing, this so called tablet computer is very portable. You can bring it anywhere and you can do whatever you want on the internet with it – browse websites, read books, connect with friends on social media, play a game or listen to music. And its touch screen capability makes it all convenient for you.

The applications are compatible with iPod and iPhone. This means a lot of convenience for users and diehard fans of the three Apple devices.

Affordability is its other plus factor. Compared to the iMac, the iPad costs only several hundred dollars. So why buy an expensive desktop computer or even a notebook when you can enjoy all their features right on the iPad? You can even do your work using the device by just connecting a physical keyboard.

The iPad sold one million units in the U.S. for the first month after its release in April 3. Some 8.13 million units are expected to be shipped around the world by yearend equivalent to $4 billion of revenue. The unit will be launched in 7 more countries next month. has just given two iPads during its latest blog competition. What about you? Would you want an iPad yourself or you already have one? We would love to hear your thoughts on this new and amazing portable Apple device.

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