Nordhaven to Welcome More Cruise Ships

A cruise ship tour is now one of the most popular and affordable holiday options available to couples, families and groups. This is a reality in many parts of Europe as well in the rest of the world.

Denmark is just one of the many European countries visited by cruise ships every year. Copenhagen alone is the top city in the Baltic sea region most frequented by cruise ships. The city is also the place where most passengers start and end their travels.

The latest development is that the Nordhavnen part of Copenhagen will soon be able to welcome more cruise ships and passengers. This is because the city’s port development plan will make way for the building of a new cruise quay. So what does this mean? It only means that more cruise ship passengers will get the chance to stop by Copenhagen and see its amazing tourist attractions.

Now for the details. The quay will measure 800 meters in length and will accommodate up to four cruise ships. According to the general manager of the CPH City and Port Development, the new quay is important because of the increasing cruise ship traffic in the city. With the new structure, Copenhagen will then be able to accommodate more cruise ships and more tourists. As this happens, Copenhagen’s economy is expected to further improve.

In addition to this, the new terminal will feature other interesting areas such as an observation tower and designated spaces for walking, running and skating. When completed at its target year of 2012, the quay is foreseen to become a tourist spot for local city residents and foreign tourists.

Records from Copenhagen show that every fourth tourist who sets foot in the city arrives by ship. Many shipping companies consider Copenhagen’s port as their favorite when it comes to exchanging passengers.

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