Scandinavian Art Galleries Join Tokyo Exhibit

It’s heartwarming to know that art works of different countries are becoming global nowadays. Not only is the art of one country confined to its local region but it’s getting international exposure through active participation in art fairs.

The biggest art exhibition in Japan welcomed the participation of art galleries from the Scandinavian region for the very first time. The Tokyo Art Fair which ran from April 3-5, 2009 also provided a special space for young artists.

Art galleries from Denmark, Norway and Sweden are joining the fair to exhibit and sell paintings as well as other works of art. The art fair features various works of traditional and contemporary art such as pictures and sculptures. All were for sale to interested art collectors and visitors. The major art pieces were displayed at the Tokyo International Forum. From Japan, some of the art works being showcased include Toshusai Sharaku’s woodblock print and a painting by Giorgio de Chirico.

Apart from the buying and selling that took place, talks and seminars were also held. There’s even live painting in one of the booths.

For this year 2009, the galleries that took part in the art fair totaled 143 featuring the work of some 650 artists. The number of participants is a record breaker since the art exhibition began in 2005.  According to the organizer, the increased participation is proof only that the event is attracting more art collectors around the world.

Other countries that are taking part in the art fair are Canada, China, Italy, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Poland, South Korea and Russia. At a nearby venue which is the Tokyo Building Tokia Galleria, the art works of 29 galleries managed by young artists since 2004 are being displayed. The second venue was necessary because of the huge number of participants this year.

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