The historical and charming town of Vejle lies in the southeast side of the Jutland Peninsula in Denmark, near Kolding and Horsens. The name was derived from an Old Danish word which means “ford”, referring to its location along the Vejle River. A settlement since the early 13th century, Veldje is known for the surrounding forests and woodlands with two distinct valleys: the Vejle River Valley which is the longest tunnel valley in the country, and the largest ravine which is the Grejs Valley.

However, the town itself has its share of attractions with historic townhouses, cobbled streets, a thriving economy, a cultural scene and shopping areas that consistently draw crowds of visitors every year. Vejle has a population of about 50,000 and is home to a number of famous Danish personalities: composer Jacob Gade, Swiss cycling star Tony Rominger, poet Inger Christensen to name a few.

The town has been able to preserve several historical monuments that are now tourist attractions: the 13th century Sankt Nikolai Kirke is its oldest building, also famous for housing the preserved body of the “Haraladskaer bog woman” from the Iron Ages. Worth visiting as well are the museums: the Vejle Kunstmuseum houses a collection of Rembrandt artworks, the Vejle Bymuseum with its display of historical artifacts, and the Okolariet which is a hands-on exhibit about the natural environment around Vejle and Denmark.

Vejle also hosts annual events such as the International Steam Festival where various styles of ships are displayed at the Vejle harbor. The Danmark Rundt, Denmark’s version of Tour de France, goes through a stretch in the town of Vejle.

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