Louisiana Museum of Modern ArtOne of the favourite places of many people that visit Denmark is the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, a museum that has many different art works inside it that you most definitely will want to see.

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is located in Humlebæk in northern Zealand with a panoramic view across the Øresund and is surrounded by its own art park.

The Louisiana Mueseum of Modern Art got its start in 1958 and has grown ever since it's inception by displaying such works from world-class artists such as Giacometti, Picasso and Warhol as well as many Danish artists. There are many permanent collections that stay in the Louisiana Museum, but also many temporary ones are also available year round for you to check out. The art is very beautiful inside and you will be thrilled at the many different exhibitions that the Louisiana runs at one time. Most people will tell you the Louisiana Museum is a great place to visit in Denmark and I totally agree with that assumption.

The Louisiana is internationally recognized for its exhibitions, and the museum’s permanent collection of modern art with over 3000 works is one of the biggest in Scandinavia. Every year the Louisiana offers 4-6 special exhibitions, presenting both the latest international contemporary art and the great modernist artists.

Louisiana Museum ParkThe one thing I really like about the Louisiana Museum is that it also has some wonderful outside the walls on the grounds of this facility. Where many art museums just have art on the inside this place has it on the grounds and is a must see for any art lover. The backdrop of the sea give the Louisiana Museum a feel like an oasis and you can fully immerse yourself in the art which is something people really enjoy a lot about this place. Many museums just do not use the outside grounds to their fullest, but that is not a problem at the Louisiana where they seem to use every inch of space and get the most out of it. By all means bring your camera, as you will want to get plenty of pictures of this area, as it is very beautiful and breathtaking.

They have also made some extensions of the museum, which have been built underground that way the outside grounds would remain intact which is a great idea. The Louisiana Museum is a great place to visit if you love art. They have something for everyone and it is also a great place to get away from as well. Give the Louisiana Museum a try and you will see exactly what I mean.

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