Book a hotel in FrederiksborgFrederiksborg is a county located in the large island of Zealand or Sjaelland in Denmark. Covering 1,300 square kilometers of land area, it is situated at the northern end of the island, facing the Baltic Sea. The seat of Frederiksborg County is Hillerod, and as of the present time, there are nearly 400,000 inhabitants living in the large county. As of the year 2007, Frederiksborg was abolished as it became merged with the greater region of Hovedstaden. Before this merger, there were 19 municipalities belonging to Frederiksborg County.

When the name of the county is mentioned, one of the first attractions that come to mind is the Frederiksborg Castle. It is located within the municipality of Hillerod, and it has been standing as a symbol of the royal history of the Danish for nearly 450 years. It was originally built by King Frederick II, who reigned in the late 16th century. The castle was actually named after him, but the monarch has been known to have built several other castles around Denmark during his reign. At present, the remains of this Danish royal are buried in the Roskilde Cathedral.

The Frederiksborg Castle has already been dubbed the title as the Museum of National History, where tourists can dig deeper into the identity of Denmark as a country and as a people. Visitors to the museum are given the chance to learn about the great King Christian the IV, as well as view collections of prints, drawings, paintings, and furniture. This palace and museum actually gives kids a special treat, as they can dress up in royal garb, or as armored soldiers, and pose for their souvenir photos as they sit on thrones.

Aside from the majestic destination at Hillerod, another town that is often visited in Frederiksborg is Frederiksvaerk, which is found in the municipality of Halsnaes. It used to be a municipality, with more than 22,000 residents until the merger in 2007 which established it as a town. Frederiksvaerk has been around since the late 1700’s, and this town has a gunpowder mill museum and crystal museum where beautiful minerals from different corners of the globe can be found. In this town are the ruins of Dronningholm Castle, located near the Aresso, or the largest lake in Denmark.

Hundested is a seaside retreat also found in the county of Fredericksborg. This municipality had its name changed to Halsnaes municipality in January of 2008, and there are more than 30,000 people living here. Fishing is one of the top industries in this area. There are lots of activities for tourists who like the sea and surf, as well as those who like a historic tour of dolmens or ancient burial mounds. As a matter of fact, the largest dolmens in Denmark can be found here, and it is called the Grønnessedyssen Karlstenen. Other attractions of note in Hundested include the Knud Rasmussen House and the Torup Church.

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