When looking for wonderful memories of Denmark, perhaps the very first city you will remember will be Copenhagen. Found on the eastern island of Amager and Zealand in the Oresund Region, Kobenhavn, or Copenhagen is recognized as one of the oldest, most beautiful, and also the largest cities in Europe. In fact, the population density in the capital city of Denmark is quite high, with more than 2.5 million residents living in the metropolitan area alone.

Copenhagen serves as a haven for tourism and business from all over the world, as this magnificent city is a marriage of culture, the arts, the colorful Danish history, its rich economy, and also its advancements in terms of technology. As many sources would claim, this lavish city in Denmark is said to be among the most livable in the world. Read on to find out the treasures you may find while vacationing in Copenhagen.

How do you get around such a bustling city? You will be glad to hear the Copenhagen has among the most well-developed public transport in the continent. You can have various options as to how you want to tour Copenhagen, whether on foot, by bicycle, via rented car, or in any of its convenient public transportations. Copenhagen has the S-train which spans the area of the city, as well as buses and the Metro, which also cater to commuters from adjacent cities.

One of the most well-known tourist attractions in Copenhagen is actually dedicated to a popular fictional character from the world’s favorite story teller, Hans Christian Andersen. The Little Mermaid or Den Lille Havfrue is perched on rocks along the Copenhagen harbor, and is often visited by tourists who marvel in its beauty despite its smallness. Edvard Eriksen created the statue in 1913.

Here are some notable places of interest in Copenhagen, Christiansborg Palace, the Danish National Gallery, Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, the Marble Church, and Kronborg Castle. Aside from the great museums, churches, old buildings, and castles that dot the cityscape of Copenhagen, there are also treats that families with kids will surely enjoy. Take for example the Tivoli Gardens amusement park, which has been around since the 1840’s. Two popular rides for big kids are the roller coasters named Daemonen and Mountain Track. There is also the world’s tallest carousel, dragon boat rides at the lake, and theater shows for the whole family.

For those who can’t get enough of shopping, Copenhagen is sure to have lots of goodies up its sleeve. You can choose to go shopping at the five storey Magasin Mall at Kongens Nytorv, or the Illum Department Store at Ostergade. For street shopping, you can stroll along the street of Stroget, where you can purchase fashion apparel, jewelry, souvenirs, and more. In terms of cuisine, you will never go hungry while in Copenhagen, as restaurants featuring local and international dishes are bountiful in the area. Whatever tickles your palate, there is sure to be something great in the capital city of Denmark.

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