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Traveling to Denmark by plane is the best option as Denmark has over 21 airports spread across the country, with many accepting international and European flights. The Danish word for airport is Lufthavn. Discover all the Denmark airports transfer and informations.

Denmark Airports facts

Denmark airports are numerous, but the Copenhagen Airport (IATA: CPH-ICAO) is the biggest and the busiest in Scandinavia as well as one of the oldest in all of Europe. Located in the town of Kastrup, south of the capital city of Denmark, the airport serves as the hub for several major airlines such as Scandinavian Airlines, Norwegian Air Shuttles, Blue 1, Thomas Cook Airlines Scandinavia and Jettime among others. This international airport serves all flights to and from Copenhagen and Malmo in Sweden. Aarhus is the second most important Denmark airport.

Denmark Airports flights

The majority of Denmark flights operate to the capital, Copenhagen. Unfortunately, Copenhagen's Kastrup Airport is expensive for airlines to operate into, making Denmark flights to Copenhagen direct rather unattractive for cheap Denmark flights.

Some travellers therefore choose to fly into Denmark via neighbouring countries (for European destinations), instead of going for a direct Denmark flight. Ryanair offer cheap flights to Malmö in Sweden, connected via the Oresund Bridge to Copenhagen. It takes only 20 minutes to get to the heart of Malmö from the airport. There are also cheap flights via Ryanair to Lübeck, near Hamburg in northern Germany.

There are hopes for an increase in the numbers if cheap Denmark flights, following the Danish government's scrapping of air passenger duty in 2009.

If you are trying to reach the main Jutland peninsular of Denmark, there are flights available to cities such as Esbjerg, Billund and Aarhus.

Cheap Flights To Denmark

Cheap Denmark flights for business trips or holidays are possible with EasyJet, for example.

  • Easyjet operates 3 cheap flights To Denmark each day, between Copenhagen and London

International Denmark Flights

  • SAS offers Denmark flights from New York (Newark), Chicago (O'Hare International) and Washington (Dulles).
  • Northwest Airlines flies to Denmark from Seattle (Tacoma International).
  • Delta has Denmark flights from Atlanta (Hartsfield-Jackson).

Check Flights To Denmark

Check it out! You can see a list of every route and airline (including SAS) from Copenhagen Airport at together with every flight schedule.

After a great deal of searching we have found that has the best combination of pricing, service, and options for both domestic and international flights to Denmark.  Wherever your next trip may be originating is a great place to get started.  

Copenhagen Airport in Denmark

Denmark's Copenhagen International Airport is one of Europe's major airports, flying in excess of 18-million passengers per year to both distant and domestic destinations.  This is the largest of the airports in Denmark as well.

Copenhagen Airport Terminals

There are four terminals in this world-class international airport, with another one being built to accommodate more passengers. Domestic flights are served in Terminal 1 while international flight passengers go through Terminals 2 and 3. With the advent of low-cost airlines, the CPH Go Terminal was opened to service these flights. Passengers who are waiting for their flights can while away the time in the transit halls which boast of more than 45 duty-free shops, restaurants, microbreweries, bars, beauty salons and many more. The airport also has several wireless internet points.

CPH Airport

This is the new passenger terminal which accommodate some 6 million people each year. Constructed through an investment of 200 million kroner ($37 million), it is aimed at improving airline operations and providing travelers with cheaper flights to numerous destinations. But although a new terminal, the CPH Swift is considered to be a vital component of the existing terminal with direct access to the six gates. CPH Swift has been opened in 2010.

departure area airport

Denmark Airport wifi service

Airports of international cities around the world are always busy with passengers arriving from and departing for their respective destinations. The Copenhagen International Airport is no exception. 

WiFi Helps in CPH Airport Passenger Flow

Fortunately, a new program is since 2011 in place in Copenhagen that utilizes the wifi devices being carried by passengers. SITA, an aviation communications and technology company, is at the forefront of implementing this modern program that tracks the movements of travelers based on their wifi emitting devices. 

With this tracking program, airport officials can know in real time what travelers are doing and where they are going. Colored dots are used to distinguish the arriving from the departing passengers. The information gathered can then be used to improve the airport design and direct the flow of passengers. 

Travelers passing through Denmark, particularly its capital city, can download the Copenhagen Airport iPhone application. The app will enable them to receive information on their wifi devices with regards to where they can find the shortest security line or which stores offer special deals. 

copenhagen airport wifi service

SITA officials clarified that only the devices are being monitored hence, no private information from the travelers are being tracked down by the program. The only information they can gather is whether the traveler is an inbound or outbound passenger. Hundreds of thousands of people have already downloaded the iPhone app for the Copenhagen Airport. 

Nowadays, most of the travelers passing through the Danish capital’s airport have devices that emit wifi signals. And this will continue to move up as more people get their own smartphones. 

Experts consider the airport as a busy center, even busier and with a greater number of people compared to the malls. In 2009 alone, the Airports Council International revealed that some 2.5 billion people passed through airports around the world. Travelers also normally spend a few dollars before they head off to their destinations. 

Copenhagen Airport Tops Self Check-In Service

The Copenhagen Airport is incomparable to other airports in the Nordic region. This is not in terms of technology, though, but we’re talking about its self check-in service for passengers.

In 2009, 28 airlines was connected to CPH airport’s self check-in service and the figure was twice as much as those in other airports in the Nordic area, according to the International Air Transport Association (IATA). Self check-in means airline passengers are given the ability to check-in on their own, choose their seat and print their boarding pass even while still in their home. This can be done through the internet, of course.

Self Check-in Service to Save Time

Besides doing it online, the self service check-in can also be done at the airport kiosks. The CPH airport’s head of passenger services said the initiative aims to cut in half the time it takes passengers to check in at the counter. In this way, the airport, the airlines and the passengers as well all benefit from the new procedure. With the new system, about 58 percent of all passengers now check-in through the CUSS machines, their mobile phones and on the internet.


Denmark Airports Initiatives

Other than the self check-in service, the airport in the city is always improving other procedures such as the arrival flows and processing time. The real time queuing times for security checkpoint is also now being posted on the Copenhagen airport’s website and on signposts in the departure halls. This is to inform passengers ahead of time of what they can expect during their trip and help them manage their time better.

Now these efforts are truly praiseworthy.

Copenhagen Airport Bags Top Spot

Airports need to provide excellent service to passengers whether for a stopover in the area or starting and ending a trip. These terminals should make traveling by plane easy, comfortable and convenient for people, young and old alike, regardless of their destination.

Copenhagen Airport: in the Lead for Punctuality

When you’re in the capital of Denmark, however, you need not worry about airport service as the Copenhagen Airport does an excellent job that has been well noted. For one thing, it values time. In fact, the Copenhagen Airport has been named as the most punctual international airport in Europe based on a survey conducted by Boasting of a punctuality rate of 81.1 percent, the flight terminal not only topped the Europe list but made it to the world’s top five as well. On the average, an airport normally shows a 71.7 percent punctuality performance rate.

In addition, SAS which is the biggest airline operating at the Copenhagen Airport was voted as the most punctual among European and international airlines in 2011.

On the other hand, the airline passengers themselves have voted positively for the Copenhagen airport making it the best airport in Northern Europe. The yearly SkyTrax survey showed that 11 million passengers agreed this is so in 2011. The award for this achievement was presented recently at the Passenger Terminal Expo.

Officials of the Copenhagen Airport have expressed their appreciation for these latest recognitions saying that they continue to be committed to giving passengers the most value. The process of listening to customers and learning from them never stops, they added.

plane denmarka

Copenhagen Airport wants to Ensure the Best Technology Services

In 2010, the organization managing the Copenhagen Airport took a step to provide more diversity in the shops inside the terminal and introduced digital options to passengers. As written above, the airport also tested a new Wi-Fi technology aimed at further improving capacity at the terminal.

More information about airport terminals

Layover in Denmark Airport?

If you have a stop of a couple of hours in Copenhagen, we have prepared a list of five things to do on a layover in Copenhagen.

Denmark Airports transfer – International Flights

Denmark Airports are sometimes far away from the city center. That is why there is a great transport connection from Denmark airports to cities and vice versa. Choose your means of transport according to the possibilities indicated below:

1. Copenhagen Airport transfer

The Copenhagen Airport is located 8 km south of Copenhagen city center, and 24 km west of Malmö city center.

Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Copenhagen Airport is very accessible coming from most points in Denmark. The Copenhagen Metro stops at the station beneath Terminal 3. Those coming or going to Sweden can take the Oresund Railway. There are also a number of buses both in Denmark and Sweden that stop at the airport. And for those who are driving their cars, the airport provides over 8,000 parking spaces with online space reservations available through the airport’s website.

The Copenhagen Airport can be accessed in various ways:

  • By rail: Copenhagen Airport has its own railway station underneath Terminal 3 on the Øresund Railway Line and is served by DSB and Skåne commuter rail trains. SJ operates X2000 high-speed trains to the Swedish capital Stockholm as well. More info about Denmark trains right here.
  • By Metro: Line M2 of the Copenhagen Metro links the airport with the city centre.
  • By bus: You can find many buses in Copenhagen. Movia buses 5A, 35, 36, 75 E, 76 E and 96 N and Gråhundbus line 999 all stop at the airport; bus 888, express-bus to Jutland, also stops at the airport. Movia bus 2A stops near the airport. There are long-distance buses to Sweden.
  • By car: the E20 runs right by the airport, and junctions 15, 16, and 17 are situated nearby. The E20 uses the Oresund Bridge to Sweden. The airport has 8,600 parking spaces.
  • By taxi: A taxi fare from the Copenhagen Airport to the city centre of Copenhagen costs around DKK 200,00 (€ 27). The ride takes around 15-20 minutes, depending on local traffic conditions. Here you'll find some further informations and taxi drivers contact.

2. Aarhus Airport transfer

The Aarhus Airport is located in northeast Jutland (Denmark's main land mass) and is situated 36km from the city of Aarhus. One passenger terminal handles about 650,000 passengers per year and operates flights to both domestic and European destinations, with about 100 destinations served in total.

Transportation to the airport from Aarhus:

  • By taxi: There are taxis traveling to the city available from outside the terminal building. The fare is around 300 DKK (€ 41) and takes ca. 30 minutes.
  • By bus: There is an airport bus service that takes passengers from the airport to Aarhus and back, the service is available 24 hours a day. Also, route 212 between Ebeltoft and Randers stops at the airport.
  • By car: There are several options available to travelers arriving and leaving the airport: car; bus; and taxi services.

A Busy Summer at Denmark Airport in 2011

Summer is within us and this means a busy time for families including the Danes and the Swedes as they pack their luggage and head off to their favorites destinations. In Denmark, this season also means a busy airport particularly in the capital city of Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen Airport was gearing up for some 85,000 passengers every day. For the summer season, airport officials expect the terminal to accommodate from 75,000 to 85,000 passengers for a span of 40 days. This figure covers passengers are who departing from and arriving in Copenhagen as well as those in transit.

denmark airport flights board

The first 5 months of 2011 saw 8.6 million passengers using the Copenhagen Airport. International passengers grew by 7.6 percent and domestic traffic went up by 3.1 percent.

In May 2011, the city's major airport set a record of reaching the two million passengers or 2,031,098 to be specific. The number was an increase of 7.1 percent from the same month in 2010 and nearly 90,000 more compared to the number of passengers reached in May 2008.

The summer season of 2010 was a record setter as well according to an official from the communications department of the airport. The Copenhagen Airport served some 6.4 million passengers in the months of June, July and August. 

Copenhagen Airport is use to Huge Traffic during Summer

Nothing to worry, though, as airport officials are well prepared for the passenger rush. Some extra desks can be installed in a new check-in area as well as more signage can be put up for fast and easy use of the check-in kiosks. Also, security is generally beefed up and special family tracks are opened during the busiest times.

In terms of destination, London has the highest number of passengers going out of Copenhagen followed by Stockholm, Oslo, Aalborg and Paris. You can check out the best flight offers on

rush hour denmark airports

Copenhagen Airport keep Enjoying Steady Growth

Progress is unceasing in Denmark as this Nordic country continues to accommodate visitors, new businesses and development projects. One of the major infrastructures enjoying steady progress is the Copenhagen International Airport.

The growth of the Copenhagen Airport can be attributed to several factors such as an increase in the number of travelers going to Denmark and the addition of new routes going to and coming from the Danish capital. 2010 the Copenhagen airport already achieved an 8 percent growth in two month only.

denmark airports traveler

In February 2010 alone, records show that more than 1.4 million passengers used the Copenhagen Airport either as an entry, exit or transit point. This figure is higher by 10.4 percent when compared to the same month in 2009. Passengers passing through this airport are varied with 42 percent comprised by businessmen.

New routes are also continuously being added making the airport a very busy terminal for people traveling by plane. New flights to Copenhagen are continually added by different companies, such as SAS and Germanwings (Copenhagen to and from Shanghai, Copenhagen to and from Cologne in Germany, …).

Denmark Airport Bags New Award

Safe travel. Beautiful attractions. Comfortable accommodations. Wonderful people. These are what a Denmark holiday is all about. Starting from the airport alone, you’re already ensured of an efficient service and safe travel whether you’re traveling by yourself or with company.

Just so you know, the Copenhagen Airport has been awarded as the most efficient airport in the entire Europe in 2009. For two straight years, this Denmark airport bested the 39 others in the European continent in the Air Transport Research Society (ATRS) survey covering 134 countries around the world. So far, the airport in Copenhagen has received a total of five awards from the international organization. Another survey titled “Airlines on Airports” conducted by Research for Travel in 2008, Copenhagen Airport topped its other competitors in Europe on several areas vital in deciding the addition of new routes.

denmark airports international flights

European Most Efficient Airports

Apart from the biggest of Denmark Airports, Copenhagen, the top performers in Europe are Oslo and Amsterdam. In the North American region, the Atlanta Airport topped the list followed by Raleigh-Durham and Minneapolis. In Asia-Pacific, Hong Kong is first and Brisbane bested Sydney and Auckland in the Oceania region.

Air Transport Research Society – ATRS

ATRS is an academic organization consisting of professors from prestigious universities worldwide who specialize in aviation. Each year, the group determines the most efficient airports according to their productivity, tariffs, competitiveness and financial results. A Copenhagen Airport official pointed out the importance of being efficient in their service even in times of a global crisis.

The multi-awarded Denmark airport continues to work on its efficiency in all aspects of the its operation. Officials have discussed more opportunities to open new routes going forward. They believe that adding more routes will be an effective way of improving the capital region and draw more investments as well as tourists. The airport officials have considered to improve cooperation with regional organizations notably on the marketing aspect and the creation of a route development fund.


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