Storstrom County in the east portion of Denmark include groups of islands that are havens for tourists who want to have a little of everything as they visit. Currently, as of the year 2007, Storstrom was merged with the Sjaelland Region, also known as the Zealand Region in the east of Denmark.

The former seat of Storstrom County lay in the municipality of Nykobing Falster. This municipality was linked to the island of Masnedo by the Storstrom Bridge, which was the longest road and railway bridge in Europe when it was inaugurated in the 1930’s. It is about 3.2 kilometers long, and stands more than 20 meters above the Baltic Sea. The Zealand Bridge became the longest in the country, built more than two decades later.

Storstrom County, because of its geographical location, is well-known for its products from the sea, and its harbors which make access from the Baltic Sea more convenient. Aside from that, Danish historical records often make mention of castles and churches built in this region by the members of the Danish royal family themselves. Many sites in Storstrom County have been witness to many historic battles of Denmark, such as with the Germans, Swedish, and Austrians over the centuries.

The city of Nykobing Falster holds many historical treasures, much like other cities situated in Storstrom County. At present, about 30,000 residents live in this old but beautiful city, which has been home to royals since the 12th century. Among the best places to visit in Nykobing Falster include the Nykobing Castle, the City Museum or Bymuseet, and the Middle Ages Center, which is referred to as a living history museum where tourists can have a feel of life in the olden days, specifically the 14th century.

Another island in Storstrom County is Lolland, which also often noted as a great destination for people traveling to Denmark. Within this island is the municipality of Lolland, or Lollan Kommune, which is home to about 50,000 inhabitants. Here you can go angling in Maribo, or spend your holidays camping and visiting nature sites like the Knuthenborg Safari Park. There are also visitors to Lolland who like to stay in farm camps, where they can pick fruits from orchards and care for animals. Lolland also offers activities for the rest of the family to enjoy, such as boat rides, visits to the submarine museum, cycling, hiking, shopping, and more.

Vordingborg is another former constituent of the Storstrom County before it became collectively known under the Sjaelland Region. Also known as the cultural hub of South Zealand, Vordingborg is a destination for people who want to take tour down the rich history of the Danish. Around 10,000 inhabitants reside in the town of Vordingborg, where the famous Vordingborg Castle is located, with its trademark Goose Tower. This building has been around since the mid 1100’s, and was built by King Valdemar I as a war fortification. Today, this historic castle provides tours for visitors from all over the region. Other tourist spots in Vordingborg include the Northern Harbor, where shops and souvenirs can be found.

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  1. My Great grandfather, Hans Clausen was from this county he had Immigrated to America in 1907. I am looking for more information from where our family is from, to create a family tree from Denmark.

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