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Aalborg is the fourth largest city in Denmark just trailing Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense in size. Aalborg has a population of around 120,000 people so it is a good size city, but not one that will overwhelm any traveller that may come here to see the attractions or mingle with the fine people of this city. Let us go into a little more detail about Aalborg and why this is a place you most definitely will want to visit on your next vacation in Denmark.

First let us look a little at the history of Aalborg . Many people do not realize that Aalborg's roots trace back over 1000 years so it does have a rich tradition and was originally a trading post. During the Middle Age, Aalborg prospered and was one the biggest city in Denmark and in 1342 it officially became a town.

Aalborg has a local airport alone with a train station and the European Route E45 going from Finland to Italy passes right through this town. Many different industries can be found in Aalborg for exporting grain to cement and fish as well. Recently though many of the bigger industries have closed which has hurt the local economy of Aalborg.

Tourist attractions is something that Aalborg has a lot of. One of the favourites of visitors is the old Aalborghus Castle, which was built in 1550 by King Christian III and was switched to government offices in the 1950's. It is a place that you will want to visit if no more than just to look at.

The Aalborg Historical Museum is also a place that you will want to check out as well. It has many different things to offer and you will enjoy the time you spend there.

If you do travel to Aalborg try to make it around the last week of May so you can catch the Carnival in Aalborg. This is a fun time for all and there is something for everyone to do no matter what your age happens to be. It gets around 100,000 visitors a year so it will be packed, but you will have a great time at it. The Battle of the carnival Bands is always something that you will like a lot. It ends with an awesome fireworks display so always keep that date in mind if you plan to travel to Aalborg anytime soon.

Aalborg is a city that offers many different things to its visitors and residents as well. If you are planning a trip anytime soon than by all means consider this city in Denmark as it has plenty to offer you for a fun time. It has something for everyone so by all means bring the family along.

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