HammershusBornholm is the eastern most island of Denmark, belonging to the Hovedstaden Region. This island is situated between Poland, which is to its south, and Sweden, which is found to the north. Bornholm used to be a municipality until the year 2007, where it was integrated into the Hovedstaden Region. The land area is over 220 square miles, and there are about 45,000 residents in Bornholm.

Because the Danish highly value their history, you are sure to find many venues in Bornholm that cater to the cultural curiosity of its visitors. The Bornholm Medieval Center or Middelaldercenter does just that, preserving the rich Danish history and turning it into a fun and educational experience for young and old alike. Take a trip back in time to over 600 years ago and find out how natives of Bornholm lived. This museum has lots of hands-on activities that kids will love.

Here is another exciting treat for the kids: Visit the Birds of Prey Show or Rovfugleshow with locations in Allinge, Nexo, Svaneke, and Ronne Harbor. This educational show features expert bird trainers providing valuable information on the behavior of native birds of Denmark, including falcons, hawks, owls, and more. Tourists also get a chance to interact with the birds after the show. Still on the topic of animals, give your family an unforgettable experience as you marvel at the beauty of the vast collection in the Bornholm Butterfly Park in Nexo. Hundreds of exotic butterfly species are found in the artificial habitat where you and the family can relax in, too.

Bornholm also features several museums that specialize in war memorabilia, such as the Defence Museum in Ronne, where weapons, uniforms, equipment, and their evolution through the centuries can be followed. If you have a penchant for the old and classic cars, then head on over to the Automobile Museum in Aakirkeby, where vintage autos from the 1920’s are on exhibit. You can also visit the museum at the Hammershus Castle in Sandvig, which is a fortress dating back to the 12th century. It is said to be one of the biggest castles still standing in Northern Europe.

What other activities can you do while you are in Bornholm? To make your vacation more unforgettable, you can also take a nature tour and go angling, canoeing, hiking, and biking along the countryside and scenic routes of Bornholm. One of the best features of Bornholm might be the chalk-white sandy beaches which is ideal for families with children. In the warmer summer months, you can expect a lot of sunshine in Bornholm, making it the perfect weather for outdoor activities and fun at the beach. Some of the beach names include: Sandvig, Antoinette, Dueodde, Hasle Wood, and many others.

Bornholm has many venues for tourists who like to shop for souvenirs and other gift items. There are also shops that show the visitors how certain arts and crafts are made, such as ceramics, glass, jewelry, pottery, and more.

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