In Denmark, one of the northernmost regions is aptly named Nordyjlland, which translates to the North Jutland County, as it was formerly known until 2007. As a region, Nordyjlland has about 600,000 inhabitants as of the year 2008, distributed over 11 municipalities. The largest city in Nordyjlland is Aalborg, which is also its capital. Other notable spots to visit in Nordyjlland include Thy, Mors, and the Mariager Inlet, to name a few.

Aalborg has its share of popular attractions, just like in many large cities in Denmark. In fact, this Nordyjlland capital is the fourth largest in terms of land area in the country. One of the most successful industries in this region is in distilling of alcohol and spirits. In Aalborg, the Danish Distillers was established, and is the largest exporter of spirits in Scandinavia as well as the biggest producer of akvavit or aqua vitae in the world. Speaking of alcoholic drinks, the best place to find the finest pubs in Aalborg is on Miss Anne’s Street, also known as Jomfru Ane Gade, where great beers are bountiful.

For the nature loving tourists, perhaps the best place to be on the North Jutland region is Thy, known for the bright sunshine, sandy beaches, and stunning landscapes. Situated along the North Sea, Thy attracts visitors to take a stroll along its coastline and to enjoy the warm summers that makes the place very popular. Thy also houses many great museums to satisfy your penchant for the arts and for history. Examples of these are the Bunkermuseum by Bulbjerg, Thisted Museum, Vorupor Museum, and the Fortress Hantsholm, which used to be the largest World War II military fortification in Northern Europe. Within Thy are also many parks, gardens, shopping centers, as well as the Thy National Park, a haven for nature enthusiasts.

Known as a source of inspiration for many artists, Mors is an island getaway that is also a popular destination among sports fanatics as well as nature lovers. One of the best things to do on the island of Mors is to take a cycling tour, where you can view the lush green landscapes and pristine beaches. Also, Mors has its share of aqua sports facilities, for tourists who like to dive, snorkel, and swim. There are boating venues all over the island, where you can enjoy a yacht ride or even take the family kayaking and canoeing. If you like to play golf, then Mors has something in store for you, too, as there are great golf courses to thrill and challenge you.

Finally, one great stop that you shouldn’t miss while on Nordyjlland is the Mariager Inlet. This place is well-known as a fun venue for families with kids because of their beaches. The Mariager Inlet along the southern portion of Nordyjlland also has many shops for souvenirs and goodies. So plan your trips now, and you’ll be glad to know that this region is great for vacationing all year long. Your family holiday will surely be unforgettable when you visit Nordyjlland.

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