Sonderjylland, or the southern region of Denmark, is home to many attractions that tourists from all over the world flock to. There is a Sonderjylland Region and a Sonderjylland Amt, also known as South Jutland County, which has about 300 thousand residents.

Nestled along the North Sea and sharing a border with northern Germany, this region of Denmark has been a witness to many political struggles that have marked world history. One notable event was the Danish-German War in 1864. Today, the Historiecenter Dybbol Banke serves as a memory of the revolution, providing visitors with tours, exhibits, audio-visual presentations, of the battles fought in the region.

Sonderjylland also gives tourists a chance to relive the rich culture and history of Denmark, as many other interesting exhibitions and museums are abundant in the region. For those who want to find out how participants in the Danish resistance lived in the 1940’s, you can visit the Froslevlejr Museum in Padborg. Here you will find vehicles and original buildings dating back to World War II. Another museum worth visiting while in South Jutland is the Royal Jelling Exhibition Center, where remnants of the 10th century Danish kingdom can be found. Sources claim that this is where Denmark was born, and is recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site.

If you think of world-famous products coming from Denmark, it would be impossible to forget the toy phenomenon known as Lego. And what better place to see Lego blocks in action but in Legoland? Situated in the city of Billund, this amusement park is a source of fun and excitement for Lego lovers of all ages. It has been open since the 1960’s, with various rides, exhibits, and shows for the whole family to enjoy.

While on the South Jutland, you can also give yourself the chance to get closer to nature, as there are tons of activities in store for you. You can visit the Givskud Zoo and have the feel of feeding the animals as if you were on a real African Safari. In this zoo, guests are also invited to book at the hostel, where they can camp out as well. Of the 90 species that live in the Givskud Zoo, about 30 of these animals are already considered as endangered.

Another great nature trek while in Sonderjylland would be to visit the Wadden Sea Wetland Habitats. This is an ideal spot for visitors who like to wade along the shore during low tide, to watch the pools teem with various forms of marine life. In this southwestern portion of the Sonderjylland region, you are also sure to find many migratory birds species, which is why the Wadden Sea is a popular destination for birdwatchers, too.

Other activities you can enjoy while in the South Jutland Region include cycling, fishing, sailing, and more. Getting around these areas is convenient for visitors, as there are buses, ferries, and trains which can take you where you want to go. 

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