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Denmark is a beautiful country with lots of interesting places to visit. We are doing our best to provide you our top travel tips! Such like advices on top attractions, where to stay depending on your interests and budget, things to see, where to eat and drink, find jobs, and so much more… To sum up, all the recommendations you would need to visit Denmark easily !

But there is a lot to say about the country and we need your help to give people as much qualitative information as possible… Maybe we have missed some useful tips that you would like to share, a Danish experience you want to talk about or just some nice things to do you know better than us! 

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  • Unusual travel stories
  • Off the beaten tracks itinerary or activities
  • Ultimate survival guides
  • Money saving tips
  • Misadventures / dos and don’ts
  • Places or attractions reviews
  • Ideas for families, couples, groups of friends or solo traveller

Requirements to Write for Us 

  • High qualitative, unique and creative content
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  • Perfect English writing skills
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  • To promote your own blog or website
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  • The opportunity to be the decisive point of someone departure on a trip / to influence someone to pack their bags

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