All taxis in Copenhagen are equipped with meters and are licensed.

When you catch the taxi on a Copenhagen street the meter starts with DKK 24 and when called by phone it is DKK 37 plus.

Copenhagen Taxi

Taxi fare prices per km:

  • 7:00-16:00 on weekdays: 11,50 DKK
  • 16:00-7:00 on weekdays and all Saturday and Sunday: 12,50 DKK
  • Saturday between 23:00- 7:00 and all national holidays: 15,80 DKK

Tips are not expected as the fares includes already service charge. For carrying the luggage to the door or for special luggage as bikes, taxi companies in Copenhagen charge 20DKK extra.

Taxi in Copenhagen

Codan Taxi
Tel. number: 7025 2525

Hovedstadens Taxi:
Tel. number: 3877 7777

Taxa 4 x 35
Tel. number: 3535 3535

Taxamotor A/S
Tel. number: 3810 1010

Copenhagen Water Taxi

This kind of taxi, better known under the name Flyvefisken (flying fishes) operates in and around Copenhagen Harbor. As many attractions in Copenhagen are around the harbor, it is worth to take this taxi and it will take you from one shore to another one within 10 minutes. Cars have to drive around the streets to reach these points.
In summer there is always some water taxi waiting in the harbor but in the winter it is necessary to book one:

Tel.: 3296 4964

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