The southeastern island of Mon is located within the Sjaelland Region or Zealand Region of Denmark. Nestled next to the Baltic Sea, Mon currently belongs to the municipality of Vordingborg, with a population of more than 46,000 people. The Green Strait, or Gronsund, is a narrow body of water separating this island from the adjacent one of Falster. Several other small islands are included under the territory of Mon, namely Fago, Bogo, Nyord, and Lango. The largest town in the island is Stege, which has been a merchant town since the mid 1200’s.

Because Mon has an idyllic location next to the sea, you can expect most of the fun activities here to involve the water. There are many scenic venues in Mon where you can rent a boat and go angling. The people in this island rely greatly on fishing as their income source, and as a matter of fact, the main product of Mon is herring. Garfish and salmon are some of the other game fish you may be lucky enough to catch in the waters of the island. Mon also has facilities for canoeing, bicycling, horseback riding, swimming, golf, and yachting.

Speaking of water fun, you surely wouldn’t want to miss the lovely beaches along the coastline of Mon. Don’t miss the chance to see the White Cliffs of Mon, or Mons Klint, which are colored such because of chalk formations. Many visitors flock to this popular attraction in Mon to go hiking, biking, and picnicking. The White Cliffs of Mon are also excellent spots to find different species o f birds, as well as trees and other plant species. A few other notable beaches lining the cost of Mon are the Ulvshale Beach and Stege Bay. Windsurfing is also a popular activity among tourists in Mon. There is a Mons Klint Museum which is dedicated to teaching tourists about the natural geology of the place.

Aside from communing with nature and enjoying the sun and surf, you may also brush up on the history of Denmark as you visit the museums in and around Mon. The Museumsgaarden in the town of Stege is an open air museum, which features a village with old houses and streets. This tells visitors who life in Mon was about 100 years ago. There is also the Empiregaarden Museum, and the Smykke Museum, which shows old jewelry and crafts.

While in Mon, don’t forget to visit the old manor houses and churches that have been standing for hundreds of years, which is like having a first-hand feel of Danish history. Among the most well-known in Mon is the Liselund Manor House, which has a museum and a souvenir shop. The oldest church on the island is the Elmelunde Church, which is more than 800 years old. Other chapels and churches in Mon include Fanefjord Church, Nyord Church, and Keldby Church. Also worth mentioning are the prehistoric monuments in Mon, which serve as old burial grounds and dolmens, or tombs.

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