Book a hotel in ViborgWhen you visit Denmark, it is best to try to get a taste of everything. There are lots of great venues to enjoy the arts, music, as well as food and shopping. If you are hoping to go sightseeing in a town with cathedrals that give a historic feel of the Danish, then Viborg should definitely be included in your itinerary.

Viborg is found in the Central Jutland peninsula, with a population of roughly 100,000 residents. The urban area of Viborg is home to about 35,000 denizens, ranking as 15th in population density in all of Denmark. The earliest evidence of this city was in the 8th century, where Vikings settled here. The name Viborg is translated in English as a Holy Hill, according to sources. In Denmark, Viborg is known as the largest municipality, with land area covering over 560 square miles.

If you happen to be in Viborg, perhaps the most prominent site you are to visit will be the Viborg Cathedral, which has been around since the 1100’s. The Viborg Cathedral is recognized as one of the largest granite churches in all of Northern Europe, featuring two tall towers and stunning murals. Other notable churches to visit while in Viborg are Asmild Klosterkirke, Gråbrødre Klosterkirke, and Søndermarkskirken. Most of the buildings in Viborg are centuries old, and restored over the years.

Everybody could use a good dose of art, especially that of Denmark. Aside from historic churches, other ideal spots to be in Viborg are the museums, which hold a colorful array of works in various genres and spanning several generations of Danish artists. The Skovgaard Museet has been standing for more than 200 years, and features the works of the Skovgaard family, among the most notable in the Golden Age of Danish Art. For the car lovers, a trip through time and a visit to the Jysk Automobilmuseum will be a memorable experience. You will find great models of cars from the early 1900’s as well s motorcycles from all over the US and Europe.

Any vacation would be incomplete without getting to see the flora and fauna of the region. Viborg offers many opportunities for tourists to commune with nature. With rolling hills, clear streams, and green plains, Viborg can be a nice relaxation spot for campers and hikers. Some of the popular nature destinations include the Dollerup Hills and Hald, Undallslund Forest, Alheden, and the Island Hills. Another awesome attraction in Viborg is the Limestone Mine or Monsted Kalkgruber, where species of bats can be seen.

One great activity you can try out while in Viborg is bicycling. Take in the scenery and enjoy the bike-friendly roads along the streets of Viborg. There are several hotels that cater to bikers, with facilities for repairs when needed. If you are feeling a little hungry, then don’t worry, Viborg is also rich in restaurants catering to various cuisines. Viborg also has tour packages for visitors who want to appreciate the ecology on foot or on bike.

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