Sjaelland is Denmark's main island that the city of Copenhagen is located on and has a population of around 2.1 million people.

One of the chief industries in this area is dairy farming and it also has a very irregular coastline as well.

Besides dairy farming, other industries that are big here include fishing, and cattle breeding. This island of Zealand Denmark also houses the cities of Roskilde, Helsinger, Hillerod, Holbaek, Naestved, and Birkerod to name a few.

The Store Baelt Bridge is what links between Sjaelland and Fyn.

How to Visit Sjaelland Island and Copenhagen

For most people though Sjaelland is a great place to visit as it gives them a chance to relax in many of the smaller cities that are located on this island. If they decide they would like a little more action they can head to a bigger city and enjoy what they have to offer also.

One thing is for sure you will never be bored on Sjaelland Denmark as there is plenty for everyone in the whole family from kids to adults. Maybe that is why it is one of the more popular islands in Denmark and continues to be that way.

Take your next trip to Copenhagen with your kids to Sjælland, start your own adventure, and see what this island can do for you.

Vestjaelland – Zealand Denmark Tourism

Sjaelland North Zealand Denmark map

Also known as West Zealand Denmark, the Vestjaelland County is the largest in the Sjælland Region. This county with more than 20 municipalities is located on the Midwestern portion of the island, and has a land area of about 3,000 square kilometers.

Vestjaelland formerly had its county seat in Soro, which was founded by Bishop Absalon, the one who established the national capital of Copenhagen As of the year 2006, more than 300,000 people lived in the Vestjaelland County.

The Odsherred Kommune

The Odsherred Kommune or municipality is one of the largest in Vestjaelland, as it was formed after the merger of several smaller municipalities. After this merger, Odsherred now covered a land area of more than 350 square kilometers, and the population was 33,000.

One of the mentioned municipalities was Dragsholm, which is located near a place called Lammefjord. According to sources, Lammefjord is the lowest point in Denmark, with a distance of about 7 meters below sea level.

In general, Odsherred is a good place for families who like to enjoy the outdoors, especially the sun and surf, as there are many beaches along this area. Visitors to this municipality are encouraged to go horseback riding or even biking along the trails to get a better view of the lush landscapes.

There are great venues for angling or fishing, swimming, yachting, and even facilities for tourists who like to play golf.

What other attractions are there in Odsherred Kommune besides the beaches?

West Zealand Denmark tourism

Of course, many tourists visit a place to get a feel of its history, and you can do just that with the many Denmark museums, monuments, and churches that dot this municipality.

You can see:

  • the Lumsas Molle or old flour mill
  • the Fire Museum,
  • Kulturhistoriske museum, and
  • Trafikmuseum, featuring old cars, rail cars, and taxicabs

There is also the Odsherred Zoo, where you and the family can view exotic animal species from all over the world.

Visiting Kalundborg Kommune

While in Vestjaelland, you may also want to visit the Kalundborg Kommune, which was also formed after merging smaller municipalities in West Zealand Denmark.

This commune has a population of over 20,000, and the first mentions of this place were in the mid 12th century. Here you can visit more museums to satisfy your craving for more Danish history and art.

In the Beurup Clogs Museum, for instance, be amazed at the largest clog on display in Northern Europe, which is more than 2 meters long. You may also find art museums, automobile museums, monasteries, churches, and monuments in the municipality of Kalundborg.

A popular spot to check out in Kalundborg is a lake called Loch Ness, where many visitors like to picnic and relax in on warm days. The lake is said to be home to dozens of species of wild ducks and geese, making it a good venue for birdwatchers, too.

For more nature tours, you can visit the Asnaes Forest, which is divided in to several points, each with its own charm. You can find a deer park, seaside retreats, and lush forests in this area.

The Islands of West Zealand

West Zealand Denmark attractions

The western part of Zealand, Denmark’s largest island, offers a breathtaking array of islands and islets that are the epitome of natural paradise. The diversity of the landscape in the islands is also remarkable – from clear-blue waters and scenic beaches, hilly terrains and amazing fjords and forests.

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of urban living, here is an introduction to the idyllic spots in West Zealand.


Located in the municipality of Kalundborg, this sunny island which dates back to the Ice Age covers an area of 22 sq. km with several small beaches that are perfect for swimming especially in the summer.

A ferry from Havnso gets to Sejero island in about an hour. There are no historical buildings or man-made structures to marvel at, but what the island has in abundance are unique flora and fauna species. In Sejero you can find the Black Guillemot, a rare species of bird.


Also accessible from Havnso, the Nekselo island is considered a protected area and as such can only be explored on foot. Much like Sejero, it is also known as one of the sunniest places in the country and for being a haven for rare species of plants and animals such as the fire-bellied toad.

Agerso and Omo

Both located in the Great Belt, these unspoiled green islands can be reached by taking a ferry from Stigsnaes. Make no mistake though – there is so much that can be done in these islets.

There are guided tours that can take visitors to the scenic places as well as hiking and biking trails for those into outdoor activities. Worth visiting are the Agerso Mill and the Langelaendergarden farm shop in Omo.

Discovering South Zealand Denmark

Cliffs Sjaelland Denmark on south Zealand

If you love to be on top, then visiting South Zealand in Denmark should be in your bucket list. It comes with the highest cliffs in the country. Its height and the wonderful scenery seem to make the trip to this part of Denmark even more dramatic.

The white fortresses of South Zealand are the borders to the Baltic Sea. It gives you another more reason to go hiking because you’ll definitely enjoy the view.

Why so special?

South Zealand in Denmark is dotted with beautifully sheltered beaches that can comfort you in the midst of the stress of modern living. If it’s a beach holiday that you want or a trekking by the mountains to see the magnificent sunrise, then it is definitely South Zealand that you want.

The best thing about this part of Denmark is that it is very easy to get around the different places. You may take the island by car or by bike. Denmark is famous for bikes. Or maybe even on foot. What else are you waiting for? Go and explore the majestic view of South Zealand Denmark.

Zealand’s Museum is Tops

A museum is a valuable institution in any country. It is here where local residents and foreign visitors get to learn about a city or country’s history and cultural heritage. Traveling to a new place and not visiting its museum would not make your tour complete.

In Denmark, there are several museums worth visiting. Most of them are located in North Zealand and one of them is the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Zealand actually boasts of seven out of the 10 great museums in Denmark as confirmed by a recent survey. Of the top 10 museums in the country, only three are not situated in Zealand.


While figures from the latest survey of Statistics Denmark showed a decrease in the number of people visiting the museums in 2008, the fact remains that Zealand is home to many of Denmark’s best museums. The national figure for museum visitors went down by 0.5 percent from 2007. On the positive side, though, 10.6 million people still visited different museums around Denmark.

Topping the museum rankings is the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, Denmark’s most modern museum. It was recognized as the country’s favorite museum for having a high number of visitors in 2008 at 558,500.

The increase in visitors was nearly a fifth of the previous figures. This particular museum showcases paintings of modern art, sculptures and videos that date back from World War II. It is also included in the book of Patricia Schultz entitled “1,000 Places to See Before You Die.”

What to do in Sjaelland Denmark?

Tourism Sjaelland Denmark Copenhagen

Since the city of Copenhagen is located on this island it just makes it a natural travelling spot and people just seem to love coming here for a number of reasons. Besides that it is very beautiful countryside there also is many things to do in Copenhagen.

If you love the nightlife than Sjaelland has some great clubs in Copenhagen that you will want to check out. Now if that is not your cup of tea and you like a more relaxing thing to do many people come to this island to just fish. There are many good spots where you will be able to catch many different types of fish.

Other cities on the island include Roskilde and Elsinore. If you just want to catch a bite at a restaurant or see a show these two cities are good places where you can accomplish that.

With this island being attached to so many different things your plans can be endless. Travellers who come here come back time and time again as they did not get to do everything they want the first time they were their.

Best things to do in Zealand Denmark – Sommerland Sjaelland

Sommerland Sjaelland is a fantastic summer park filled with loads of fun for the whole family. Located northeast of Copenhagen, Sommerland Sjaelland is easy to get to by car and even by bus, since the park has its very own trainstation nestled right in its very heart.

The season opens on May and continues throughout the warm summer months. This is one summer vacation the family will remember for a lifetime.

Here's what you can see there:

  • more than 60 rides
  • animals to see and feed
  • trampolines and bouncy castles
  • a jungle tour
  • shooting water cannons on a pirate ship
  • and even a competition to become sheriff

Tour the Amazon with your family and enjoy rafting with crocodiles and meeting the natives of South America. The Blue Lagoon is certainly a highlight of Sommerland Sjælland, with seven water slides and a 17-foot free-fall, water guns, and the giant bucket.

Having fun at Sommerland is guaranteed

Sommerland Sjælland Denmark

Silver City will take you into the wild west where you will have to watch out for pirates shooting from their water canons and where the gold mine is calling.

The family can also enjoy:

  • the mini playland
  • climbing trick, and
  • the fantastic candy factory

At candy factory you can make your own lollipop and watch the magic that is candy-making.

Where to stay Zealand Denmark

For those who want to spend a few days playing and having fun, there are overnight accommodation available, including comfortable cabins or camping for those who wish to have it a little more rustic.

Also, for those who prefer a hotel there are accommodations nearby and there are also hostels for those who are on a limited budget. One of the options might be renting a Copenhagen apartment as well.

The park has children, senior, and group rates to ensure that everyone can come and enjoy everything they have to offer so for summer fun look no further than Sommerland Sjaelland and watch your family have the time of their lives.

How do you get yourself to South Zealand?

The best way to take is by the road. Because the rest of the area is characterized by the open landscapes, lush green grounds, beautiful beaches and the strong sturdy bridges of South Zealand Denmark that connects it to the rest of the world.

The island is known to be very popular among those who are looking for an adventure or those who simply want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city life.

When you see the place, you will understand exactly why. The laid back Denmark living allows a lot of visitors to even more enjoy the scenery. There are a lot of great tourist attractions to find, especially to those who love to be one with nature.


How to pronounce Sjaelland?

The best way is to type in YouTube “How to say Sjaelland” and learn how to say it like a local.

Is the road from Aarhuus to Sjaellands Odde a bridge?

Yes, it is a bridge called The East Bridge.

What does Sjaelland mean?

In Danish language “Sjæl” means “soul”. However, some people assume that it sounds like “sea” because of the sea that is around.

How to get from Copenhagen to Sjællands Odde?

If you want to save money, and get fast, use your car. It takes only 1,5 hours. There is 115 km between. If you don't have a car, use a bus or train. But, you need to know that it is significantly slower.

What to do in Sjælland?

Visit Roskilde, get to know Copenhagen and enjoy the nature. Also, visiting Sommerland Sjælland is a great adventure for families.

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