Denmark has very developed ferries network, especially with the company Scandlines A/S joint property of the Danish and German governments. The ferries ensure regular connections between the Danish, Swedish, German ports and the Baltic countries.

Ferry Companies in the Baltic Sea

  • All ferries in Denmark
  • Bornholm Trafikken – Ferry service between the Danish island of Bornholm and the Danish mainland, Sweden and Germany.
  • Color Line – Norwegian ferry service operating between Norway, Denmark, Germany and the United Kingdom.
  • Eckerö Linjen – Swedish ferry service between the mainland and the island of Aaland.
  • HH-Ferries – Swedish ferry service operating between Sweden and Denmark.
  • Hoverline Scandinavia AB – Hovercraft passenger services is the only hovercraft passenger service in Scandinavia. Stockholm Archipelago and international.
  • Mols-Linien – Danish ferry service between Odden and Ebeltoft in Denmark.
  • Nordö-Link – Passenger and vehicle ferry service between Malmö and Lübeck – Travemünde.
  • Polferries – Passenger and vehicle ferry services between Poland, Denmark and Sweden.
  • Scandlines – Operates 24 services between ports in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and the Baltic.
  • Silja Line – Silja's ferries operate between Finland, Sweden and Estonia.
  • Stena Line – One of the world's largest ferry companies for international ferry traffic.
  • Superfast Ferries – Maritime company offering passengers service in the Adriatic, Baltic, and North Sea regions.

Helpful Tips for Ferries in Denmark

  • In Danish ferries are called færger or bilfærger.
  • It is often cheaper and quicker to take ferries in Denmark than to pay bridge tolls and petrol costs.
  • Arrive early before departure. Boarding the car and passenger takes time.
  • Book a ferry online instead of calling – it's often times cheaper.


  1. You do not mention the ferry from Odden to Aarhus. The service to Ebeltoft is very infrequent so I want to take the Aarhus boat. How often does it sail and what does it cost?

    • Hi Tony! Here’s wher you can find a boat ticket between Odden and Aarhus: click here. Ticket cost 149 DKK if you book online but 359 DKK if you book the day of departure.

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