Cheap International Flight Tickets

A recent airline industry report states that about 60% of tickets are booked and purchased online – and with reason. There are hundreds of sites that offer huge discounts on international airline tickets and which gives you choices on air carriers as well. The Internet has been the traveler’s major tool in searching for that cheap ticket, as well as in developing strategies to fly smartly. Most of these sites also post weekly deals, new information on airline policies and the latest on fare sales and promotions. So whenever you see any article on how to snag good deals on flight tickets, especially those that involve long-haul flights or trips outside the country, searching and comparing prices across sites such as, Hotwire, Expedia and Travelocity would be among the top advice. Use keywords such as “cheap+international+tickets,” and you can be on your way to getting what you want.

If you’re also going to travel to another country and go to several destinations in that country, look into air passes. Basically, an air pass is a promotional program or strategy used by national air carriers to attract tourists to the country – this allows a traveler to go to multiple destinations at a fraction of the cost. By combining an international airline ticket with an air pass you can actually get more savings.

There are also the “Round the World Airfares” (RTW) offered by airlines. As the name suggests, this allows a traveler to go to several destinations around the world at a lower cost than purchasing several one way tickets. There are several types of RTW fares: the Alliance Fares allow a traveler to make his international trips using a combination of airlines that are part of a specific alliance (e.g., One World, Star Alliance, Skyteam or World Traveler); the Discount RTW Fares which is a series of one-way tickets from different air carriers; Circle fares and One Directional Fares as well as Airline Mileage Fares. If you are looking into traveling to several international destinations then this might be one way to cut down your costs on flying.

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