The Blues Festival Hits Copenhagen

One of the attractions of Copenhagen is its music festivals all year round. From the rock genre to jazz, blues and electronic music events, the Danish capital is happy to host it every year.

The Blues Festival is another upcoming musical event in the Danish capital happening for five days in late September until first week of October. This is one event that presents homegrown and international blues music in one international city which is Copenhagen.

There will be more than 50 blues concerts scheduled featuring international and local Danish artists. Tourists and locals can watch them at some 18 large and small venues around the city center.

A highlight of this event will be the awarding of the Danish Blues Artist of the Year at the opening of the festival. The Danish Blues Musician of the Year award was first given back in 2002. It is awarded to a Danish blues musician not only for his special musical work but as well as for his contribution to the blues music sector.

Qualified to be nominated for this award are veteran and young artists who has released at least one CD. The nominees are then selected by a board of judges together with an independent committee composed of at least one member of the Danish music press.

The blues artist who is lucky to be selected as the award recipient also receives a cash prize worth 10,000 Danish crowns.

The blues music started in the 19th century in the African-American communities in certain parts of the U.S. They were originally work songs and were mostly spiritual in nature.

What makes this type of music distinct from the jazz, rhythm and blues and rock and roll is its chord progression. While originally it started as vocal music with no accompaniment and involved some chants, the blues music has evolved into a variety of styles and sub genres today.


Copenhagen Official Blues Festival Site

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