Danes Can Soon Pay Bills by Phone

All over the world today, the mobile phone is one of the most useful gadgets people from all levels of society can own. Besides its main use in communication, it can also take pictures, store multimedia, record videos and voice clips, play music and browse the internet anywhere.

In Denmark, people there can soon be able to pay their bills just by using their mobile phones but in a more advanced manner. This is actually being practiced today allowing people to buy their needed goods and pay with their phone. The problem is that since their payment was added to their phone bill, the system of collection gets quite complicated. Security is also another issue.

But a solution has already been developed by PBS that integrates text message payments. Through this method, users will be capable of withdrawing money from their bank account to pay for the goods they buy. Another system being considered is one that will require the swiping of a phone using a laser reader at shops during the payment of purchased items. Hopefully, this more advanced system will be widely used within a period of three to five years.

Apart from shops in the capital of Copenhagen, public transportations such as trains, buses and metro companies have also been implementing the SMS payment system since early this year. Through SMS, customers are able to buy tickets and since January, more than 600,000 SMS tickets have already been sold.

One train operator DSB, however, revealed that the system is more costly and processing of payments is also an issue. The DSB head of sales admitted that compared to the regular forms of payment, this SMS system is rather difficult. But they are hoping that as the more advanced solution is finally carried out, their needs on this matter will be fulfilled so that everybody will experience the most convenience.

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