Danish Cuisine


The Danish cuisine has been developed, created, and established based on the availability of root crops and vegetables from farming, meats from raising cows, ducks, geese, and pigs, and seafood from their abundant fishing industry. In fact, majority of the tastiest traditional meals are coming from a wide selection of fishes including Eels, Plaice, Shrimp, Salmon, Cod, Herring, and Norway Lobster, which are purely enjoyed by having them smoked, to experience the pure and natural flavor coming from the meat. Fishes are also prepared through other means by frying, steaming, and baking, which are cooked with the best mixes of spices or flavorings. Despite of the consumption of fish has decreased over the years, locals and tourists alike still savor the true taste of Denmark with these foods.

When it comes to domesticated animal meat, pork has been a better choice over beef where it has been flavored to perfection through age and tradition. Cutlets, tenderloin, and chops are blissfully eaten, as it is salted, smoked, and even ground and being mixed or matched with vegetables and dressings. Smørrebrød and Pålæg are also noted as a craze in Denmark with the variety of options it has, since the open sandwich can be added with fish slices, processed meat cuts, raw vegetables, and sauces. Most open sandwiches have big toppings that the bread may not appear to be included, but it has dark rye bread, rye bread, or a white bread. They use leafy and green vegetables, and sometimes meat, for creating Smørrebrød. Potato is the most famous side dish included in most meals as it has been esteemed and favored in the course of early history. 


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