The Danish House in Palestine

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Denmark has long established and fostered diplomatic ties with different countries around the world. Through political and social turmoil, Denmark has always provided safe havens for cultural exchange and dialogue between their host country and themselves. One excellent example of this is the DHIP, or The Danish House in Palestine.


The Danish House in Palestine was established in 2005 by Søren Højmark, Ali Khilleh, Kirsten Jørgensen, Ulla Lundberg, and Ali Khilleh. They dreamt of creating a base of activity for collaboration between the two countries, as well as what could become an invaluable source of information, network support, and general advice. It has now become a place of interaction, sharing, and camaraderie for Palestinians and Danes of different professions and practices.


The Danish House in Palestine is always abuzz with activities and events that are enjoyable as they are entertaining. Its calendar of activities is always full and ever-changing, — from art exhibits to concerts to workshops to marathons, there will always be something for everyone.


The DHIP is located in an area within the old Ramallah city, right next to the famous falafel shop Abu Khalil. Its renovated house is always bright and welcoming, and its rooms serve as great places for a multitude of activities. The staff is always warm and welcoming, and will never hesitate to help or give advice. Mechanics, artists, musicians, artisans, teachers, and every type of practitioner and professional who wish to share what they know and learn in kind is always welcome at the Danish House in Palestine.


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