Danish Loves Pork

In many countries, pork is one of the best-loved meats when it comes to enjoying various meals on the table. Some like it roasted, while others prefer it to be fried and others love it ground and made into tasty meatballs. Of the many places in the world that consumes pork, Denmark has been noted to eat the most, with an average of about 60kg of pork per Dane, every year. Not only that, Denmark also exports the most pork to many of its patrons such as the UK, Poland, Sweden, and Germany. However, far away nations such as Japan and Russia also import pork from Denmark due to the quality of the pigs being raised and bred.

There is no better evidence of how delicious Denmark’s pork is, than the locals themselves. In fact, Danish are known to be enthusiastic about eating, whether it may be seafood, domestic meats, or vegetables. This explains the abundant farming, fishing, and animal industry, as they need not to import so much food from other countries just to sustain their gastronomical culture and customs. Their national dish, “Frikadelle”, explains the rich and meaty cuisine selection of Denmark, with a platter that includes pure pork meatballs, pickled vegetables, and tasty deep-brown gravy. Aside from Frikadelle, there are other pork dishes that cannot be taken for granted. Boller i Karry – pork meatballs in curry sauce, Medisterpølse – pork sausage with potatoes, and Stegt flæsk med persillesovs – fried pork slices to the bone with potatoes and cream parsley, are some of Denmark’s way of showing their love for pork as their main ingredient.


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