Danish Railway Museum: Tracks of Family Fun

The Danish Railway Museum situated in Dannebrogsgade near Odense Central Station is one place which offers tracks (as in railway tracks) of family fun. It has in fact 19 railway tracks occupied by historical locomotives and carriages. Its facilities provide the perfect atmosphere for learning play both for adults and children.

Visitors have the opportunity to experience imaginative play at its best whether as an engine driver of a steam locomotive or just a happy passenger of a double-decker carriage. What is especially exciting about visiting this museum is that visitors are allowed to touch and walk through the offered attractions instead of just looking at them on display. Visitors however are cautioned to take extra care in areas which may present risks of falling particularly for young children. The museum administration is always willing to listen to any suggestion for improvement.

The play area and the mini train are both popular attractions in the museum. Even during winter where outside activities can be limited, covered play areas with railway themes ensure that the fun continues. The mini train can also run inside the exhibition hall if outside weather condition proves to be challenging.

A roundhouse serves serves as a permanent exhibition venue to experience authentic Danish Railway industrial setting. The balcony area provides a fitting learning area about Danish Railway history, not to mention the splendid view from above of all the locomotives and carriages on display. The museum is open the whole year through except for specific declared holidays.


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