Faarup SommerlandFaarup Sommerland is a large amusement park that is located in the northern part of Denmark with many different things to do and ride to keep people of all ages excited and never bored during the long day that you will want to spend their. The best part about is amusement park is how they group things together so this can be a true family outing. They are group as family, action, and aquapark. Let us now look at each one of these and see how they fit into Faarup Sommerland and make your day the best it can be at this very different, but very fun amusement park.

Under the family section it is just what you would expect family things to do. A 4D Cinema has recently been added to make the place even more family friendly and is something that you will definitely want to check out. Bumper boats, horses, Children's Tower, Mini golf, rowing boats, and a treasure hunt is something that will keep you busy all day long if you want it too. Most people will spend part of the time here, as there is many more things to do at Faarup Sommerland.

Faarup SommerlandThe second section is action and that word applies very well indeed. If you want to get your fun into high gear than this is the place for you. From Colorado River to Falken to family speedboats you will have something that each member of your party will enjoy, Wet races are also something that you will want to take in as well. If you love rafting than by all means give that a try why you are here as well.

Last, but sure not least is the aquapark section which means you will be having fun in the water. If your family is into water rides and just plain getting wet than the aquapark is where you need to be at. On a hot day there really is no better place to go for fun. For the smaller kids there is a wave pool and some great water slides for all ages can be found as well at the aquapark. If you want a great time than Faarup Sommerland is for you.

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