Ree Park Safari Experience

In Jutland, Denmark, there is one park that offers an authentic safari experience like no other in the country. Ree Park – Ebeltoft Safari houses at least 800 animals of 80 different species in its territory. Animals associated with the different continents including Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, and South America can be closely observed by visitors especially when the animal keepers turn feeding time into an exciting experience.

The park places much importance in the welfare of captive animals in their care. This is primarily sought to be achieved by providing environment conditions closest to the animals’ natural habitat. Thus, trees are provided for climbing animals and lakes for swimming animals. One interesting attempt to simulate the natural habitat is that provided to cheetahs as certain architectural modifications have been done to approximate its hunting ground. Of course, they are never given access to their objects of prey inside the park.

Ree Park gives special focus to endangered animals. Efforts are exerted to ensure that their line goes on even in captivity. There are at least nine cheetahs already born in the park. The park is considered one of the largest centers for cheetahs in Northern Europe.

Special precautions have also been taken to protect rhinos who have been recent targets of syndicated poaching due to their horns. Ree Park’s own exhibit of rhino horns are actually plastic copies of the original. The park is open all-year round with specific rates for adults, children, and seniors. Special season tickets are available from time to time.

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