Greece stretches over approximately 130.000 square kilometres on the south-eastern part of the Balkans. 80 per cent of the country consists of mountains and rocks. The majority of the guests who come to Greece do so to enjoy the country’s wonderful beaches. Greece is surrounded by the Ionian Sea towards the west, the Mediterranean towards the south, and the Aegean Sea towards the east. Besides the Greek mainland, the country consists of more than 3000 islands, situated in these seas. Some of these islands are nothing more than small rocks, while others are rather large. Among these are the islands of Corfu, Crete, Rhodes and Kos.

Holiday Homes in Greece

Each year, millions of visitors come to these islands for a wonderful beach holiday Greece. A one or two week stay in one of the holiday homes Greece is a very soothing and healing experience. Enjoy the long, sandy beaches, the warm, azure sea and the sun’s flashing reflection in the water.

Ancient Greece has had an enormous influence on the entire western world. Here, philosophers, scientists and poets developed democracy, western philosophy, math, medicine and drama many years ago. Artist decorated the palaces, theatres, temples and other buildings, which were constructed in honour of the gods. A great deal has, of course, been lost over time, e.g. the Colossus of Rhodes, but there is still a lot to see during your holiday Greece

The best known example of the Classical era is probably the Acropolis of Athens, which was reconstructed from 460 to 430 BC following attacks and looting.  Almost 2500 years later, the Acropolis of Athens attracts guests from all over Europe. While you experience the Acropolis of Athens you get an impression of the golden age, during which the impressive buildings were constructed. During your visit to Athens you get ample opportunity to experience the exciting mixture of ancient and modern, which characterizes the city.

The Peloponnese is a large peninsula (21.549 square kilometres), which is situated in the southern part of Greece. On the western coastline you will find the ancient sanctuary Olympia. From 776 B.C. to 394 A.D. – that is for 1170 years – the Olympic Games were held here every four years. At that time, the games were not just about sports, but religion as well. The most important of the buildings which constituted the sanctuary, was the Temple of Zeus.

The ancient Greek sculptor Phidias’ 12 meters tall statue of the king of the ancient Greek gods, seated on his throne, was located here. The statue, which was made from ivory and gold, was one of the seven wonders of the ancient world. Unfortunately, it has been lost. However, there is still much to see at Olympia during your stay in this part of Greece. Thus, along with Olympia, Mycenae, Tiryns, Bassae, Epidaurus and Mystras have been classified as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.

Crete, which covers an area of approximately 8300 square kilometres, is situated 160 kilometers south of the Greek mainland. The island features more than 1000 kilometres of coastline as well as lots of wonderful beaches, which make all forms of watersports possible. In the western part of Crete is located the famous Samaria Gorge; a result of the mountains which run across the island. It is possible to take the 18 kilometres walk through the gorge, but it will take you about seven hours to do so.

The island has been inhabited for thousands of years. Thus, from 2600 to 1400 B.C., the eldest civilization in Europe, the Minoan, flourished here. For this reason, Crete is some times referred to as “the cradle of European civilization”. Nowadays, the partly rebuilt Minoan Palace at Knossos are one of the attractions, which make many people go on vacation Crete in one of the well equipped apartments Crete. Knossos is situated close to the capital and largest city of Crete, Heraklion.

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