Expat in Denmark

For those from Denmark who work abroad, Expat in Denmark is the ideal way to keep up with everything that is happening in your new home and to find information, feedback, and advice when it comes to settling, living, and working in Denmark.

Living abroad is not always easy, but with the Expat in Denmark network, the aim is to make it a little easier for expats and Danes alike.  The network consists of government officials, expats, consultants, experts, and local and international partners, all of whom will lend their experience to help others.

The website has a wealth if information on it, including an Infocentre, a listing of events and Expat Dinners, and links to different sub-networks within the Expats in Denmark network, including professional and social networks and more.

If you are an expat or will be soon, please visit  www.expatindenmark.com to find more information and to register as a member.

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