Food Facts of the Danes

For several years, research institutes continue to do research to learn more about the eating and exercise habits of Danes. Their initiative is mainly to promote healthier eating habits to Danes to reduce the risk of developing serious diseases. Before you lose all interest in learning more about how Danes keep their bodies healthy, here are a few facts about their eating and exercise habits. Who knows? These could work for you too?

Fact: Danes include fruits and vegetables in their regular diet. In fact, in the last five years, studies have shown that the consumption of fruits and vegetables by Danes have increased dramatically. This may perhaps be their reaction to the call to become healthier.

Fact: Studies have shown that Danes still prefer to eat the traditional Danish meals. In fact, this country has been known to be food eaters and this love that they have for food has made their culture even stronger.

Fact: Potatoes and meatballs are still two of the most favourite food of Danes. They love anything that is made from potatoes, particularly French Fries. Even among young people, these two food items are popular, not only because they are yummy, but because they are healthy too.

Fact: The food industry in Denmark is as strong as ever. Food businesses gather together annually to discuss various issues concerning the eating habits and food options for Danes. They also talk about the varying problems of the industry and the possible ways on how to deal with them.


There is no question why Danes are particularly healthy. Their great love for fruits and vegetables and everything healthy shows in the foods that they choose to eat. 

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