The gambler’s guide to holidays in Denmark

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Denmark, like most countries, has a long-standing history with casino and sports betting. And with this being such a progressive country, the government recognised the benefits of legalising all forms of betting in the region.

Gambling is controlled by the Danish Gambling Authority. And they make a distinction between in-person betting and online gambling.

The in-person licence covers brick-and-mortar casinos as well as sports betting. But online casinos have their own special licences.

Gamblers in Denmark can find a huge range of gambling choices. Moreover, they have access to some of the biggest brand names with top reps and a massive following. As a result, the Danes enjoy a trustworthy and well-regulated market wherever they choose to place their bets.

Gambling holidays in Denmark

As you might expect, the best-known gambling brands are based in Copenhagen. Most of the country lives there. So it makes sense that the options are greater in this area.

But if you are planning a holiday, then you don't have to limit yourself to just visiting the capital. There are plenty of other top casinos that you can choose from in other areas of the country as well.

Casino Copenhagen

This is the largest casino complex in the capital. It was the first international site to open up when they got their licence back in 1990. 

And it isn’t only the amazing casino that’s ready to welcome customers. In addition, there is a fantastic hotel complex. As such, you can combine your gambling holiday with a luxury stay in the Radisson hotel as well. They offer a complete package and an experience that is sure to appeal to many.

It holds a massive 3,000 square metres of gambling action. So you can enjoy many different classic games here. The building itself is a rejuvenated version of the original building. And this now has a more modern and sleek look.

The casino is open every day until 4am. So this gives you plenty of time to enjoy a night out and still have time for a few hands of blackjack or roulette, for example.

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Casino Marienlyst

The Marienlyst Casino is situated in the town of Helsingør. This historic town is home to many top tourist attractions. One of the most famous being the Kronborg Castle which became the setting for Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’.

But the Marienlyst Casino is a far cry from the traditional Danish Castle that inspired Shakespeare over 400 years ago.

The casino features plenty of table games including roulette, blackjack, craps and poker as well. In fact, there is a heavy emphasis here on poker. As such, fans of this game that comes in several forms will be extremely well looked after.

The casino is part of a hotel complex based on the beach. So this beautiful coastal setting combined with top gambling activity creates a fantastic contrast that will give you a little bit of everything.

Munkebjerg Casino

This casino and hotel complex is based just outside the beautiful town of Vejle at the head of Vejle Fjord. The surrounding valleys and waterways create a gentle and calming setting for the perfect weekend break. 

But the relaxed feeling is all about to change when you step inside the Munkebjerg!

The incredible site plays host to a ton of casino games including slots, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and Texas Hold’em tournaments.

You can select packages that will combine a fantastic stay in the world-class hotel with fine dining and entry to the casino complex. It’s a top way to enjoy one of the best areas of the country. 

Online casinos in Denmark

But while there are plenty of in-person options here, it isn't the only option for local gambling fans. In 2022, most players are choosing to go online to find gambling fun. 

While a trip to one of these fabulous sites is nice from time to time, it isn’t practical if you seek regular action.

The Danish Gambling Authority – Spillemyndigheden, issues licences to worthy brands that act within the law and produce a safe gambling zone for internet customers. And the list of amazing options grows bigger and better every year.

One of the main benefits that these virtual casinos have over their in-person rivals is the incentives that are up for grabs.

New customers can enjoy casino no deposit bonus deals as well as free spins no deposit UK. And to get their hands on the freebies, they simply need to create an account at one of the no deposit casino sites currently offering this kind of promo.

You can use a casino guide to find a list of current no deposit bonuses. Here you will find all the info you need to get you started with an account at sites with a range of top no deposit bonus deals in place.

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