Situated on the idyllic Danish Riviera in the Helsingor municipality is Hornbaek, an old fishing village transformed into a popular seaside holiday destination. In the 18th century, the small town caught the attention of artists from Copenhagen looking for a scenic spot where they can spend their holidays and find new inspiration. Some of the famous Danish artists who spent time in Hornbaek include Kristian Zahrtmann, Peder Severin Kroyer, Stig Lommer and Carl Locher. The influx of new and influential visitors to the town motivated the growth of seaside lodging facilities and summer cottages and today some of the most beautiful beach houses in Denmark can be found in Hornbaek.
The main attractions in Hornbaek would be its long stretch of fine-grained sandy beach and the well-maintained marina which serve as a docking site for yachts and fishing ships as well as a promenade and shopping area for the locals. Both have consistently been awarded the “Blue Flag,” an environmental seal of approval given in over 46 countries around the world. Needless to say, these two playgrounds provide a world of fun activities that visitors can immerse themselves in – from angling, swimming and windsurfing to more sedate pleasures such as a leisure walk along the harbor and taking in the natural beauty of the place. In the summer, the Hornbaek Harbor becomes a hotspot for cultural activities such as the “Art on the Pier” weekend where local artists exhibit their works along the marina. Visitors can also hike or bike through the wooded areas of the Hornbaek Plantage and the Klosterris Hegn forest.

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