How to Travel Around Denmark

Foreign visitors to Denmark will be happy to note that exploring the country can be quite enjoyable, thanks in part to the efficient transportation service existing and the variation of choices available. While the lack of transportation may be seen by some travelers as an exciting challenge to discovering popular and hidden attractions, majority would prefer to have the convenience of ready and reliable means of transportation. This is quite understandable since more places can be covered with the right means to go around.

Denmark is wonderful to explore by car. Roads have ample signs and are generally in good traveling condition. Car rental can be quite expensive though in Denmark. The weekend rates of car rental companies offer the most value for money and travelers usually have the option of keeping the car from Friday afternoon to the morning of Monday. For any required information with regards to traffic conditions, road works, and even ferry cancellations, it would be wise to take advantage of the 24-hour telephone help service offered by the Danish Road Directory.

Denmark’s train system is reliable while offering reasonable fares. Most trains operating in the major routes have hourly trips. Taking the train is very comfortable as well. Riding a bus is the next best option to train rides.

Since Denmark has many islands worth visiting, travelers would most likely experience riding a boat while in the country. With the extensive ferry networks, this can be an interesting option to take. Travelers can also take a cue from the locals by choosing to ride a bike. Air travel options are likewise available.





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