It’s the Golden Days in Copenhagen

If you’re after elegance, Copenhagen’s Golden Days Festival is not to be missed. Focused on Denmark’s history, its goal is to raise awareness on the Danish Golden Age considered to be one of the greatest periods in Danish history. Other periods, though, have also been highlighted in the previous years.

This year, the theme is 1700s – globalization, gossip and greed. During this period, Denmark was making international connections and thereby opening up to the world. It was also this period that led to a democratic Danish community that people enjoy today. Activities lined up include exhibitions, debates on various issues as well as elegant gatherings to include masquerade balls and evenings.

The Golden Days Festival was conceptualized in 1993 at a time when museums in Copenhagen started a joint festival. That event was to promote Copenhagen as a classical city of culture. Eventually, the organizers decided to hold the festival every two years as an avenue to promote historical collections and traditional events well known in the Danish capital.

During the initial Golden Days Festival, the focus was on the real Danish Golden Age from the 1800 to 1850s. The 2002 event highlighted the period 1870 to 1890 as well as the start of modernism. The 1890s was the focus in the 2004 festival while it was the Renaissance period during the reign of King Christian IV that hogged the spotlight in the 2006 event.

Behind this Golden Days event are the Danish Ministry of Culture and the Municipality of Copenhagen. But other than these two main sponsors, private investors, groups and foundations also contribute to this festival. For this year, you can check out the festival which runs until September 26.

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