Big city meets small village in the seaport city of Kolding situated in Jutland, Southern Denmark. It has all the infrastructure and amenities of a modern city – accessible transportation, thriving commercial and industrial centers, robust universities and plenty of entertainment options for its population of about 58,000. But its charms lie in its picturesque landscape – located at the head of Kolding Fjord it is surrounded by woods, water and beaches. Most of its attractions are also within walking distances so visitors will find their exploration of the city a pleasurable experience.
Founded in 1321, Kolding has a number of interesting attractions – notable historical landmarks include the Koldinghus Slot, a 13th century castle which has been transformed into a museum and houses a collection of ancient sculptures and other artifacts dating as far back as the Roman empire. One of the oldest surviving churches in Denmark can also be found in Kolding – The Church of Saint Nicholas was built in the 13th century. Besides the museum in Koldinghus, another one worth visiting is the Trapholt Museum for Moderne Kunst which displays an impressive collection of Danish fine art, sculpture, craftwork and furniture design from the 1900s to the present day. There is also the botanical garden that is Geografisk Have og Rosehave (Geographical Garden) with an amazing collection of over 2000 species of plants, shrubs and trees collected from all over the world. The garden is also popular among locals as a site for recreational activities such as walking and for family picnics.

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