The Marguerite Route

If you’re planning on a holiday in Denmark and are not pressed for time, consider renting a car and taking a pleasant drive through the Marguerite Route or the Daisy Route. It is a 3,450-km long tourist route that will take you through over a thousand of Denmark’s attractions, big and small.

Opened in 1991 by Queen Margrethe II and named after her favorite flower (and the national flower of Denmark) the Marguerite Daisy, it is owned and administered by the Outdoor Council of Denmark in collaboration with the national tourism association and other tourism-related institutions. The route consists of about 14 individual routes that are joined in a network of roads stretching all across Denmark, from Helsingor in the east to Hvide in the west, Sonderborg to the south to Hirtshals in the north.

What’s great about taking this scenic way to see Denmark is that it allows the motorist to see even the tiny yet charming villages and offbeat destinations that are oftentimes overlooked, with brown-white-yellow signs that are easy to follow. Maps can be obtained from any tourist information office and are easy to follow as the route is marked out in a green line.

The drive takes you through destinations such as the Elsinore Castle in Helsing, Egeskov Castle, Legoland, Jelling, the Holsteinborg Castle, the local markets in Aarhus and many more. As some of the minor roads may be narrow and terrains can be challenging, it is recommended that you only take a motorcycle and nothing bigger than a car.

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