The online gambling market in Denmark: key stats and numbers

online gambling market in Denmark
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Online gambling has taken on an upward trajectory in the past few years in Denmark, especially after the liberalization of the market in 2012. The upward trend has been the result not only of the covid-impacted period 2022-2021 – where online gambling revenues surged in the country – but the growing development of mobile apps, the exponential rate of usage of smartphone devices, and of course the development of trusted and reliable Danske betting sider, which are making online gambling more accessible to customers than ever.

Let’s see some of the key facts, stats, and numbers of the Danish online gambling market.

Online gambling grows but Gross Gaming Revenues decline

An interesting thing about the Danish gambling market is that the Gross Gaming Revenues declined in 2022 – down by 2.8% compared to the previous year – but the online gambling market reported growth. This growth however was not enough to counterbalance the decline in the overall generic gambling industry.

In fact, land-based gambling (gambling and betting on-site) showed growth in 2022, but this was not real growth. It was merely a return of people to the physical gambling stores and kiosks right after a one-and-a-half-period restriction from covid19. And it was not enough to reach the levels of growth rate in the previous years as well.

Online gambling, however, retained its upward trend – which was initiated in 2012 and was further spurred during the first phases of the pandemic. According to the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA), online gambling in 2022 accounted for approximately 63% of the total gambling market, nearly doubling its share compared to five years before.

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Online casino revenues outperform all other segments

The entire online gambling industry in 2022 recorded a 7.5% growth compared to 2021.

The strongest growth in online gambling revenues is reported by online casinos, which saw their share increase in 2022, reaching almost 30% of the total GGR.

The online sports betting segment, which is the second largest segment of the industry, reported a decline in the same period, despite the increasing number of new online bookmakers getting a license to operate in the country and the fact that 2022 was a FIFA World Cup year – which generally brings a spike in the online sports betting all across the world. In Denmark, online sports betting accounted for 23% of the total Gross Gaming Revenues in 2022, translating into approximately DKK 2.317 million.

Interestingly, online sports betting is following a declining trend in the past few years. Ever since the liberalization of the market in 2012, sports betting is like a roller-coaster when it comes to ups and downs. The initial growth in the early years of liberalization, was followed by a decrease in revenues in 2018. In 2020 and 2021 the decline became stronger, especially as most sporting events were canceled or postponed due to the pandemic. But while in 2022 it was expected that sports betting will restore its former growing pathway, the segment reported a small -yet noticeable- decline.

Mobile gambling grows exponentially

When it comes to the sales channels, mobile devices are sitting on the top of the list with the fastest growing channels not only in online gambling, but in the generic gambling industry overall.

Mobile gambling accounted for 70% of all online gambling in 2022, whereas desktop (computer) gambling had the remaining 30% share of the market. This does not actually come as a surprise to anyone, considering that Danes are tech-savvy, they are heavy users of smartphone devices and on top of these, the rate of mobile users is growing exponentially in the last few years.

Denmark is the 12th largest gambling market in Europe

Danes like to gamble and this is an undeniable fact. But they are not such intense or heavy gamblers as the rest of their European counterparts. 

Denmark ranks 12th in the list of the highest gambling spending markets in Europe (for the year 2022) and it is the least gambling country per adult when it comes to Nordic countries.

Gambler Demographics 

Across all age groups, men are the ones that gamble more frequently and also gamble more money, compared to women.

In fact, according to the released report developed by the Danish Gambling Authority, more than 75% of the active online casino accounts and 85% of the active online sports betting accounts belong to men.

As for age, the report indicates that the greatest gambling activity comes from Millennials and Gen Z users.

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