Orestad, the new city

Copenhagen is one of the world’s most progressive and dynamic cities and a proud testament to that is the impressive expansion called Orestad, located on the district of Amager Vest. This developing suburb is being hailed as an urban planning success where in about 20 years about 20,000 people are expected to live and over 80,000 will find work in the area. It is connected to the city proper through the Copenhagen Metro and is also accessible via the Oresund Railway, while the Copenhagen Airport is close by. Orestad covers a total area of 3.1 square kilometers and is made up of four districts: Orestad City, Orestad Nord, Amager Faelled Kvarteret and Orestad Syd. It is definitely one of the new exciting places to watch, with well-planned infrastructure, network of transport, ample green and open spaces in and around, and cultural offerings to entice visitors.

The development of Orestad is an excellent example of Danish creativity what with the award-winning architecture that is sprouting in the area. There is the 8TALLET. A modernist residential building designed by the prestigious Bjarke Ingels Group; the IT University of Copenhagen, another modernist building where the meeting rooms in the five floors stick out in the air; the circular-shaped Tientgen Students’ Residence which was inspired by the traditional Tulou houses in Southeastern China; and the VM houses and Mountain Dwellings just to name a few. For entertainment that’s out of the ordinary, there is Field’s, the largest shopping complex in Scandinavia; the Concert Hall which has already been hailed as one of the ten “greatest halls of the new millennium” by the British magazine Gramophone, and Madeleine’s Madteater which stages “free form and experimental food theater.”

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